Our Story

Sushi Delivery is the First Restaurant Grade Sushi & Sashimi Delivery in Singapore. 

By focusing on a pure delivery model, Sushi Delivery is able to ensure that every single piece of fresh seafood is air-flown and sent out daily.
We believe that delivered sushi can taste EVEN BETTER than those eaten at restaurants! Best Sushi in Singapore!

Most Japanese restauarants in Singapore usually do dine-in, and do not offer delivery services for their food. From exquisite looking maki, fresh sashimi, to hearty rice bowls and bento sets, Japanese cuisine is always utterly delectable. However, the Japanese food delivery service market is still small compared to other countries. With raw and hot food involved, there is a worry that the freshness and quality might be compromised and lost in transit. 
The story of Sushi Delivery Singapore began with the vision of providing Singaporeans with delicious, fresh Japanese fare that does not compromise on quality, and to be readily available to customers at any time. By utilising a strong e-commerce model, Sushi Delivery Singapore is able to collate orders on the same day of ordering, and you can get to enjoy fresh sashimi and sushi that are prepared on the spot by our experienced chefs using fresh produce directly air-flown from Japan daily.
In addition, we also provide a great variety of donburi, bento sets and appetisers as well. You can now plan a party at any time of the day, with a wholesome selection of dishes to choose from. There is bound to be something for everyone! Simply place an order through our website, and enjoy the freshest quality Japanese fare delivered straight to your homes. 

Order Below $60 : $5.90 Delivery Charge

(Within 60 Minutes)

Order Above $60: Free Delivery (Within 60 Minutes)


Contact Information:

Email: admin@sushidelivery.sg

Marketing & Collaborations: marketing@sushidelivery.sg