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Açaí Speciality Bowls

Tropical Acai


Açaí Speciality Bowls

Signature Acai Bowl


Açaí Speciality Bowls

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Açaí Speciality Bowls

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Açaí Speciality Bowls

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The first and only açaí delivery specialist in Singapore

Tired of waiting in lines at crowded stores with limited seating? Or the incessant drone of hubbub in stores? We feel you.

The acai bowl should be enjoyed in the comforts of your home! 

We are Singapore’s largest, fastest and most popular acai delivery platform!

Rich in Antioxidants

Acai sourced from the Amazon Rainforest. Immunity Boosting Superfood.

Organically Grown

Farm Fresh. Locally Produced. Gluten-free & No Preservaties

Nutrient Dense

Packed with Plant Protein. Vegan & Keto-Friendly

1 Hour Delivery

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What makes our Açaí Bowls Different?

The secret is in our  PurpleBlend 

Our Açaí base is so much more than just açaí. We have created a special base using multiple purple superfoods which gives the nutrition level of our açaí bowls.

We only use premium quality foods that are imported daily from private, organic plantations so that you receive the best quality.

our siganture purple puree 

Now you can enjoy our fresh, chilled Açaí Bowls anywhere and anytime of the day! Add on your desired choice of toppings to our amazing Açaí Puree Base and enjoy the blend of fresh Açaí with your favourite toppings!

The Superfood Açaí Berry


Anti-oxidant rich

Boosts immune system and protect against free radicals

Full of fiber & vitamins

Not only aids digestion, fibre is associated with lower incidences of cardiovascular disease & improves cholesterol

Heart Healthy Omega 3, 6, 9

Essential fatty acids for your heart, brain & blood pressure. Prevents heart diseases, improves cognitive, function & lower blood pressure

Low Natural Sugar

Low in naturally occurring sugars. Prevents spikes in blood sugar levels. Perfect for weight loss




All our fruits are organic and grown with 0 use of pesticide



We do not use any colouring or additives to enhance our products, what you see is what you get!



We do not use preservatives, we ensure every açaí bowl is all natural!



zero animal products used, making us vegetarian and vegan-friendly!



Perfect for anyone on the keto diet, we are a perfect low-carb, high fat and protein option!



100% natural, no chemicals used, environmentally-friendly

“Most healthy & delicious”

Packed with nutrition and flavour, The Açaí Lab brings to you the best açaí bowls in Singapore that promises both health and satisfaction in taste.