Bearded Bella restaurant in Singapore, want to know Latest Bearded Bella Menu 2022 with prices. They have an array of delicious and inspiring options that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day. With such a huge selection of dishes at Bearded Bella Singapore Menu, how do you know what to order? Don’t worry—they’ve got you covered. They’ve broken down their menu into sections based on what kind of mood you’re in: Whether you’re looking for something light or something thick and hearty, they’ve got what you need.

Bearded Bella wanted to share their passion with you and create an environment where you could relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and those you love. When you’re looking for a casual evening with friends, or a delicious meal to take home, Bearded Bella Singapore is the place to be. One of the best things about this Bearded Bella SG is that it is open from morning till late at night, so you can visit them anytime during the day or night if you want to have some good food cooked by professional chefs who know how to prepare delicious dishes using fresh ingredients.

Bearded Bella Menu 2022 With Prices List

Below you will find the latest Lists of Bearded Bella Menu 2022 Singapore with prices Updated In [thisMonth]. Bearded Bella Menu & prices are sourced directly from Bearded Bella Singapore outlets.

Brunch Mains

Toast with condiments (V)
Sourdough bread and condiments.
No BS BrekkieS$24.00
Scallops & Cold Pasta
Seared canadian scallops, capellini pasta & chuka wakame marinated with
true oil & yuzu ponzu.
Salmon, Pistachio, Rosti
Pistachio crusted norwegian salmon, potato rosti, watercress and rocket
salad, citrus mint mayo.
Koo Koo v2
Homemade ricotta cheese, rosti, mushroom medley, poached free range egg,
truffle spinach sauce.
Crab croissant
Croissant, scrambled eggs, crab, asparagus, chili oil, pepper relish.
Smashed Avocado (V)
Toasted nuts and seeds, sweet potato crisps, quinoa, feta, and pomegranate
on grain toast.
Eggstraordinary Eggs & Snags
Crumbed crispy soft boiled eggs, chicken harissa sausage, roasted
asparagus, beetroot, and rocket on multigrain.
Grilled cheese and prosciutto sandwich
Saint-maure goat cheese, bechamel, thyme, honey, side of kale salad,
blackberry, cherry tomato, radish
Green harissa duck burger
Confit-style pulled duck leg, cheddar cheese, spicy green harissa, fresh
dill mayo, buttery soft bun, curly fries
Yuzu pepper chicken salad
Poached chicken breast, yuzu kosho, citrus rocket and carrot salad,
avocado, feta, red radish, sesame.
Almond crusted cajun chook
Warm quinoa salad, broccoli, carrot, charred corn, orange, red radish,
avocado, beet-pickled miso devilled egg
Epic brekkie
green tomato relish, maple bacon, harrisa chicken sausage, confit
portobello, avocado, sweet potato rosti, arugula, 1 egg your way

Brunch Sweet Mains

Pain perdu (aka fancy af french toast)
pan-fried brioche, pink guava compote, cardamom. No vanilla bean ice cream.
Chia puddingS$13.00
Cooler than a/c
Chia pudding, blended açaí berry base, banana, dark chocolate, homemade
granola, hazelnut sea salt maple butter
Fruity Pebbles
Seasonal fruits, blended açaí berry base, coconut, homemade granola,
hazelnut sea salt maple butter

Brunch Small Plates

Devilled Eggs
beet-pickled miso devilled egg
Charred Brussel Sprouts
Parmesan, balmasic.
Mac and cheese croquettes
Parmesan, gouda, mozzarella.
Layered hummus
mixed olives, cucumber, roasted peppers, pinenuts, feta, fresh herbs, olive
oil served with sourdough toast
Curly Fries
With homemade roasted red pepper mayo.
Cheat day all day everyday
Curly fries, Jambalaya chicken thigh, tomato salsa, corn, smashed avo,
harissa sausage and Gouda cheese

Dinner Mains

Scallop and cold pasta
Seared Canadian scallops, capellini pasta and chuka wakame marinated with
truffle oil and yuzu ponzu.
Green Harissa Duck Burger
confit-style pulled duck leg, cheddar cheese, spicy green harissa, fresh
dill mayo, buttery soft bun, curly fries.

Dinner Small Plates

Layered Hummus
Mixed olives, cucumber roasted peppers, pinenuts, feta, fresh herbs,

Plated Desserts

Sticky Date Pudding
Walnuts, butterscotch.

Homemade Sweets

Carrot CakeS$8.00
Chocolate Bundt CakeS$8.00
Marjolaine cakeS$9.00

Homemade Pastries

Chocolate chip cookieS$2.50
Sea salt brownieS$5.00
Mushroom Quiche (Savoury)S$6.50
Bacon & Asparagus Quiche (Savoury)S$7.00


Iced WhiteS$6.50
White Cold Brew
Using cold milk to extract coffee over 22 hours.
Black Cold Brew
Comes in a hip flask that you can take home
5oz Black Coffee (hot)S$5.00
8oz Black Coffee (hot)S$5.50
5oz White Coffee (hot)S$5.00
8oz White Coffee (hot)S$5.50

Hot Chocolate

Dominican Republic 72%
Silky, creamy with notes of hazelnuts
Uganda 80%
Rich, redcurrants and almonds
Ivory Coast & Ghana 55%
With Queensland vanilla pods, topped off with orange whipped cream.
Homemade chai latte
Darjeeling tea, cinnamon, green cardamon, fennel, peppercorn, honey


Citrus Spice Black Tea
black tea, mallow blossoms, safflower, cardamon, ginger, sze chuan
peppercorn, almond, vanilla & yuzu flavouring
Lychee Kris Grey
black and green tea, blue cornflower, blue pea flower, bergamot, lychee
Peppermint Chamomile (Caffeine Free)
dried peppermint leaves with chamomile flowers
Apple & Blackberry leaves (Caffeine Free)
apple pieces, apple pomace, sweet blackberry leaves
Seasonal Iced TeaS$7.00

Refreshing Goodness

Slow Pressed Juices
Orange, red apple, green apple or watermelon.
Sparkling Water (Perrier 330ml)S$5.00
Bearded Bella Menu Singapore 2022
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