Covid-19 Announcement: Business as Usual & Measures Taken

Covid-19 Announcement: Business as Usual & Measures Taken
Covid-19 Announcement: Business as Usual & Measures Taken

With Cornonavirus showing little to no signs of slowing down, we as a business remain united with all Singaporeans in doing whatever we can to eliminate the risk of spread.

As an essential service provider, we are doing our very best to deliver premium, quality sushi to Singaporeans across the country!

But our main priority this period is to ensure we minimize the spread of the virus by practicing healthy social distancing and operational guidelines promoted by health officials.

Here is the list of strict measures we have taken to play our part in ensuring the safety of our customers and staff:

  • Maximum of 3 staff per kitchen premise of 900 sq ft.
  • Implemented a maximum cap of orders per day that can be comfortably fulfilled by our reduced team size.
  • All staff and delivery drivers to take temperature tests when entering our domain, and fill declaration forms regarding their health and daily whereabouts. Staff are told not to visit cluster zones and drivers who have been in contact with cluster zones will not be engaged.
  • Thorough washing of hands every hour and the wearing of 3 ply masks at all times.
  • Staff are given credits to take a taxi or private hire vehicle to work, to prevent them from having to take public transport, in order to minimise their exposure to public.
  • 1 driver per order
  • Many of our staff now work from home to handle the website, customer orders, etc.
  • Staff meals are consumed privately
  • We prevent deliveries in cluster zones

We thank you for your understanding that during this period, orders may take slightly longer to reach you.

Together, we can fight the spread.

And we look forward to sending you our fabulous sushi whenever craving strikes, to help ward off boredom from staying home and make your meals the best part of the day!

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