If you are planning to visit Daruma Tavern restaurant in Singapore, then you should check out this page for the Latest Daruma Tavern Menu 2023 with prices. They have an array of delicious and inspiring options that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day. With such a huge selection of dishes at Daruma Tavern Singapore Menu, how do you know what to order? Don’t worry—they’ve got you covered. They’ve broken down their menu into sections based on what kind of mood you’re in: Whether you’re looking for something light or something thick and hearty, they’ve got what you need.

Daruma Tavern wanted to share their passion with you and create an environment where you could relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and those you love. When you’re looking for a casual evening with friends, or a delicious meal to take home, Daruma Tavern Singapore is the place to be. One of the best things about this Daruma Tavern SG is that it is open from morning till late at night, so you can visit them anytime during the day or night if you want to have some good food cooked by professional chefs who know how to prepare delicious dishes using fresh ingredients.

Latest list of Daruma Tavern Menu Singapore 2023 with prices

Below you will find the latest Lists of Daruma Tavern Menu 2023 Singapore with prices. Daruma Tavern Menu & prices are sourced directly from Daruma Tavern Singapore outlets.

Authentic Thai

The restaurant offers a diverse range of dishes, including their delicious Fish Sausage for only S$10.20, Thai Style Wanton Mee for S$10.90, Thai Style Original Wanton Mee for S$10.90, Wanton Soup for S$7.30, and Thai BBQ Pork for S$16.90. The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous. The restaurant has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a casual meal with friends or family. I highly recommend trying their Thai Style Wanton Mee and Thai BBQ Pork, as they are both bursting with flavor and will tantalize your taste buds.

Fish SausageS$ 10.20
Thai Style Wanton MeeS$ 10.90
Thai Style Original Wanton MeeS$ 10.90
Wanton SoupS$ 7.30
Thai BBQ PorkS$ 16.90
Authentic Thai


They offer a wide range of dishes to choose from, but my personal favorites were the Mentaiko Salmon Don and the Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with Broccoli. Both dishes were expertly prepared and packed with flavor. The Mentaiko Salmon Don was a perfect balance of salty and savory, while the Grilled Teriyaki Salmon was perfectly seasoned and complemented perfectly with the crisp, fresh broccoli. For those who love rice bowls, the Tonkatsu and Ebi Tempura Rice Bowls are definitely worth trying. They are filling and satisfying, making them a great option for lunch or dinner. The prices are also very reasonable, with most dishes ranging from S$12.90 to S$19.90.

Mentaiko Salmon DonS$ 19.90
OyakodonS$ 12.90
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with BroccoliS$ 18.90
Tonkatsu Rice BowlS$ 13.90
Ebi Tempura Rice BowlS$ 12.90

Local Items

Their menu includes a variety of dishes, from Seafood Fried Rice at S$13.90, Pek Bee Hoon at S$9.80, Kl Dai Lok Mee at S$10.90, Hougang Six Miles Stone Fried Hokkien Mee at S$9.80, Stir-fried Pork Belly Rice at S$9.80, and Nasi Lemak at S$9.80. The flavors are well balanced, and the dishes are not only delicious but also reasonably priced. The restaurant has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect place for a casual lunch or dinner with friends and family.

Seafood Fried RiceS$ 13.90
Pek Bee HoonS$ 9.80
Kl Dai Lok MeeS$ 10.90
Hougang Six Miles Stone Fried Hokkien MeeS$ 9.80
Stir-fried Pork Belly RiceS$ 9.80
Nasi LemakS$ 9.80
Local Items


From their mouth-watering Porky Burger to their classic Chicken Chop, the menu offerings are not only diverse but also reasonably priced. Each dish was cooked to perfection and the flavors were incredible. I highly recommend the Breakfast Platter for a filling start to the day, and for dinner, the Creamy Carbonara and Prawns Aglio e Olio are must-tries. If you’re looking for something light and refreshing, the Mushrooms Aglio e Olio is a great option.

Porky Burger S$ 13
Breakfast PlatterS$ 21.70
Creamy CarbonaraS$ 16.90
Prawns Aglio e OlioS$ 17.90
Parma & PoachedS$ 18.30
Classic Chicken ChopS$ 18.90
Mushrooms Aglio e OlioS$ 15.90
Fish & ChipsS$ 17.90

Bar Snacks

Their Garlicky Crispy Pork at S$16.90 was the perfect balance of crispy and savory, while the Mentaiko Fries at S$16.90 were a fun twist on traditional french fries. I also loved the Deep-fried Potato Wedges and Tater Tots, both at S$10, which were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. For those who love seafood, the Grilled Japanese Ika at S$28.90 and Soft Shell Crabs at S$17.90 were both cooked to perfection. The Fried Mantou Drizzled with Condensed Milk at S$5.80 and Fried Wantons at S$6.90 were perfect for satisfying my sweet tooth.

Garlicky Crispy PorkS$ 16.90
Deep-fried Potato WedgesS$ 10
Tater TotsS$ 10
Mentaiko FriesS$ 16.90
EdamameS$ 7
Daruma Chicken Wings 3pcsfrom S$ 9.90
Truffle FriesS$ 14.90
Spam FriesS$ 9
Deep-fried PlatterS$ 16.90
Thai BBQ PorkS$ 16.90
Fried Mantou Drizzled with Condensed MilkS$ 5.80
Fried WantonsS$ 6.90
Deep-fried Lok LokS$ 16.90
Soft Shell CrabsS$ 17.90
Grilled Japanese IkaS$ 28.90
Bar Snacks

Iced Beverages

Chamomile Dream with AppleS$ 8.90
Earl Grey Lavender with StrawberryS$ 8.90
Osmanthus Sencha with PassionfruitS$ 8.90
Iced Yuzu HoneyS$ 6.50
FizzlybearS$ 6.50
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice S$ 7
Thai Iced CoffeeS$ 4.50
Thai Iced Milk TeaS$ 4.30
Thai Iced Green TeaS$ 4.30
Iced MiloS$ 4.30
Thai Iced Coffee with PearlsS$ 5.50
Thai Iced Milk Tea with PearlsS$ 5.30
Thai Iced Green Tea with PearlsS$ 5.30
Iced Sour PlumS$ 4.30
Iced Aiyu JellyS$ 4.30
Iced Lemon TeaS$ 4.30
CokeS$ 2.90
SpriteS$ 2.90
AyatakaS$ 2.90
100 PlusS$ 2.90
Mineral WaterS$ 2.30

Hot Beverages

Hot TeaS$ 2.90
Hot Tea OS$ 2.40
Hot Tea CS$ 2.30
Hot Tea O KosongS$ 2.30
Warm Yuzu HoneyS$ 6.50
Hot CoffeeS$ 2.90
Hot Coffee OS$ 2.40
Hot Coffee CS$ 2.90
Hot Coffee O KosongS$ 2.30

Craft Beers

avern Menu in Singapore is the perfect spot! With an extensive drink menu featuring unique brews like the Trippin’ Wheat Wheat Ale and the Punchin’ Rye Pale Ale for just S$12 each, as well as the Rye & Pint for S$52, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The Stargazin’ Session IPA is also a must-try with its crisp, refreshing flavor. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual night out or a special celebration, Daruma Tavern Menu has something to offer.

Rye & PintS$ 52
Trippin’ Wheat Wheat AleS$ 12
Stargazin’ Session IPAS$ 12
Punchin’ Rye Pale AleS$ 12
Craft Beers
Daruma Tavern Menu Singapore 2022

How many branches does Daruma Tavern have in Singapore?

32 branches are Daruma Tavern in Singapore.

Who is the owner of Daruma Tavern Singapore?

SK Joey Tan is the owner of Daruma Tavern Singapore.

Does Daruma Tavern accept credit cards?

Yes! Daruma Tavern accepts credit cards.

Is Daruma Tavern Halal?

Daruma Tavern’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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