Each A Cup menu Singapore is one of the leading Milk and Bubble Tea serving brands in the country. The Each-a-Cup menu is best known for its creamy and yummy combinations of Milk Teas with Chewy Tapioca balls known as Boba in the markets. They offer you exceptional Blue Lagoon, Winter Melon Bliss, Strawberry Jelly Fresh Grapefruit Juice and Taiwan Fresh Fruit Sling. Moreover, they have such a huge menu containing various flavors of drinks. The Each a Cup menu Singapore has Classics, Brown Sugar, Tea Series, Cheese, Ice Blended series, Coconut Series, Forever Young, Energy Burst and a lot more menus to offer to its customers.

Each A Cup Menu Singapore
Each A Cup Menu Singapore

The Each a Cup menu Singapore came into existence in 1999 with a revolutionary vision to serve quality Taiwan tea. The Each-a-Cup began its journey with a heart desire for each and every one to enjoy a special cup of tasty bubble tea, while absorbing the health benefits of the individual drinks at the same time. Their main purpose is that their customers must drink well and feel good.

Each A Cup Menu With Prices Singapore 2022

They have an excellent staff which is more than happy to serve you. All the items are available at cheap prices. Here is the Each A Cup menu Singapore with prices:

Extra Large
Old School Plum JuiceS$4.50
Blue LagoonS$4.50
Winter Melon BlissS$4.50
Strawberry Jelly Fresh Grapefruit JuiceS$6.80
Taiwan Fresh Fruit SlingS$6.80
Three Gems Milk TeaS$4.00
Milk TeaS$3.00
Jasmine Milk TeaS$3.00
Oolong Milk TeaS$3.50
Roasted Milk TeaS$3.50
Caramel Milk TeaS$3.60
Hazelnut Milk TeaS$3.60
Honeydew Milk TeaS$3.30
Honey Milk TeaS$3.30
Lychee Milk TeaS$3.30
Mango Milk TeaS$3.30
Peppermint Milk TeaS$3.30
Strawberry Milk TeaS$3.30
Green Apple Milk TeaS$3.30
Peach Milk TeaS$3.30
Ice Cream Milk TeaS$4.00
Chocolate Snow ShakeS$3.20
Honeydew Snow ShakeS$3.20
Strawberry Snow ShakeS$3.20
Lychee Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Honeydew Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Hazelnut Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.20
Strawberry Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Honey Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Oolong Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.00
Mango Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Ice Cream Milk Tea Extra LargeS$8.00
Peach Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Chocolate Snow Shake Extra LargeS$6.40
Three Gems Milk Tea Extra LargeS$8.00
Roasted Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.00
Jasmine Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Honeydew Snow Shake Extra LargeS$6.40
Caramel Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.20
Green Apple Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Strawberry Snow Shake Extra LargeS$6.40
Peppermint Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar Matcha Fresh MilkS$4.80
Brown Sugar Boba MilkS$4.50
Brown Sugar Jasmine Milk TeaS$3.90
Brown Sugar Milk TeaS$3.90
Tea Series
Strawberry Green TeaS$3.00
Peppermint Green TeaS$3.00
Mango Green TeaS$3.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea (No seed. Syrup)S$3.00
Cheese Milk Black TeaS$3.50
Cheese Milk Amber OolongS$3.50
Cheese Milk MatchaS$4.00
Mango CheeseS$5.50
Strawberry CheeseS$5.90
Cheese Milk Amber Oolong Extra LargeS$7.00
Cheese Milk Matcha Extra LargeS$8.00
Strawberry Cheese Extra LargeS$11.80
Cheese Milk Black Tea Extra LargeS$7.00
Mango Cheese Extra LargeS$11.00
Daily Dose
Honey Lemon with AiyuS$3.40
Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea MediumS$3.40
Citron Lemon with Basil Seed MediumS$3.40
Korean Citron JuiceS$3.00
Grape Red TeaS$3.00
Green Apple Green TeaS$3.00
Honey Green TeaS$3.00
Honey Black TeaS$3.00
Alisan MacchiatoS$3.50
Oolong MacchiatoS$3.50
Yakult Apple Jelly Green TeaS$4.00
Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk TeaS$4.20
Korean Citron Juice Extra LargeS$6.00
Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea Extra LargeS$8.40
Honey Lemon with Aiyu Extra LargeS$6.80
Alisan Macchiato Extra LargeS$7.00
Honey Green Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Green Apple Green Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Citron Lemon with Basil Seed Extra LargeS$6.80
Honey Black Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Cranberry Apple Fruit Tea Extra LargeS$6.80
Yakult Apple Jelly Green Tea Extra LargeS$8.00
Grape Red Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Oolong Macchiato Extra LargeS$7.00
Ice Blended
Milk Tea Ice BlendedS$3.80
Azuki Beans ExtremeS$3.20
Chocolate Ice BlendedS$3.20
Milo Ice BlendedS$3.20
Taro Ice BlendedS$3.20
Strawberry Lychee Ice BlendedS$3.00
Oreo CrushS$3.00
Chocolate OreoS$3.20
Coffee OreoS$3.50
Peppermint OreoS$3.20
Strawberry OreoS$3.20
Green Apple SmoothieS$3.20
Honeydew SmoothieS$3.20
Strawberry SmoothieS$3.20
Mango Passion Pop SmoothieS$4.10
Mango Passion SmoothieS$3.30
Strawberry SunriseS$3.40
Green Apple SunriseS$3.40
Mango SunriseS$3.40
Coffee Oreo Extra LargeS$7.00
Mango Sunrise Extra LargeS$6.80
Green Apple Sunrise Extra LargeS$6.80
Green Apple Smoothie Extra LargeS$6.40
Chocolate Oreo Extra LargeS$6.40
Chocolate Ice Blended Extra LargeS$6.40
Mango Passion Smoothie Extra LargeS$6.60
Strawberry Smoothie Extra LargeS$ 6.40
Strawberry Lychee Ice Blended Extra LargeS$6.00
Azuki Beans Extreme Extra LargeS$6.40
Strawberry Oreo Extra LargeS$6.40
Honeydew Smoothie Extra LargeS$6.40
Taro Ice Blended Extra LargeS$6.40
Strawberry Sunrise Extra LargeS$6.80
Milo Ice Blended Extra LargeS$6.40
Oreo Crush Extra LargeS$6.00
Peppermint Oreo Extra LargeS$6.40
Milk Tea Ice Blended Extra LargeS$7.60
Mango Passion Pop Smoothie Extra LargeS$8.20
Blue Coral Sunrise (Yogurt Ice Blended)S$3.40
Peppermint SunriseS$3.40
Peach SunriseS$3.40
Coconut Series
Coconut SmoothieS$5.40
Strawberry CoconutS$6.20
Mind Booster
Fresh Lemon Earl GreyS$3.20
Winter Melon Milk TeaS$3.80
Black Tea MacchiatoS$3.00
Green Tea MacchiatoS$3.00
Ice Cream Fresh Milk TeaS$4.90
American Milk CoffeeS$3.20
Hazelnut CoffeeS$3.60
Caramel CoffeeS$3.60
Mocha CoffeeS$3.50
Peppermint CoffeeS$3.50
Vanilla SnowshakeS$3.20
Amber Oolong Fresh Milk TeaS$4.20
Vanilla Snowshake Extra LargeS$6.40
Black Tea Macchiato Extra LargeS$6.00
Caramel Coffee Extra LargeS$7.20
Hazelnut Coffee Extra LargeS$7.20
Fresh Lemon Earl Grey Extra LargeS$6.40
Winter Melon Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.60
Green Tea Macchiato Extra LargeS$6.00
Peppermint Coffee Extra LargeS$7.00
American Milk Coffee Extra LargeS$6.40
Ice Cream Fresh Milk Tea Extra LargeS$9.80
Amber Oolong Fresh Milk Tea Extra LargeS$8.40
Mocha Coffee Extra LargeS$7.00
Weight Lite
Purple Plum Tea with AiyuS$2.70
Alisan Tea MediumS$3.20
Oolong Green TeaS$3.20
Fresh Lemon Green TeaS$3.50
Golden Buckwheat Tea with Aloe VeraS$3.80
Peach Red TeaS$3.00
Peach Green TeaS$3.00
Peach Oolong Tea MediumS$3.20
Peach Melon Tea MediumS$3.20
Pu-er Chrysanthemum TeaS$3.20
Amber Lemon Green TeaS$3.90
Fresh Passion Fruit Green TeaS$3.90
Peach Red Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Fresh Passion Fruit Green Tea Extra LargeS$7.80
Fresh Lemon Green Tea Extra LargeS$7.00
Alisan Tea Extra LargeS$6.40
Golden Buckwheat Tea with Aloe Vera Extra LargeS$7.60
Purple Plum Tea with Aiyu Extra LargeS$5.40
Peach Melon Tea Extra LargeS$6.40
Peach Green Tea Extra LargeS$6.00
Oolong Green Tea Extra LargeS$6.40
Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea Extra LargeS$7.80
Pu-er Chrysanthemum Tea Extra LargeS$6.40
Forever Young
Fresh Plum Lime JuiceS$3.30
Fresh Lemon Lime JuiceS$3.30
No. 1 Jasmine Green teaS$2.40
Osmanthus Green Tea MediumS$3.20
Strawberry Jelly Oolong TeaS$3.50
Rose Lychee Black TeaS$3.20
Energy Burst
Fresh Plum Green TeaS$3.30
Azuki Brown Rice Pearl Milk TeaS$4.10
Brown Rice Milk TeaS$3.30
Chocolate Milk TeaS$3.50
Earl Grey Milk TeaS$3.30
Taro Milk TeaS$3.50
Rooibos Tea LatteS$4.20
Taro Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.00
Rooibos Tea Latte Extra LargeS$8.20
Earl Grey Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Azuki Brown Rice Pearl Milk Tea Extra LargeS$8.20
Chocolate Milk Tea Extra LargeS$7.00
Fresh Plum Green Tea Extra LargeS$6.60
Brown Rice Milk Tea Extra LargeS$6.60

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