Fun Toast is known as one of the most recognisable coffee houses of Singapore. Fun Toast has various exciting options in its menu which guarantees of making your breakfast special. Yuan Yang Soft Bun, Red Cane Leaf and Soya Sauce Chicken are the signature products of the Fun Toast menu. Other delicacies of the Fun Toast menu are Kaya Butter Toast, Peanut Cereal Toast, Tic Tac Toast,Ham and Cheese French Toast, Egg Mayo Toast, Chicken Toastburger, Sardine Toast and many more! Also, you don’t wanna miss the Fun Meal section of the Fun Toast menu which has many mesmerising dishes to offer. Moreover, Hot and Cold Beverages are also included in the vast menu of Fun Toast.

Fun Toast menu Singapore

The Fun Toast menu is supreme in taste and best in quality. Every Toast prepared in Fun Toast is loaded with fresh and healthy ingredients which they gather on a daily basis. All the dishes served by the Fun Toast menu are balanced in prices and easily reachable for the customers. founded in 1941, Fun Toast has become a huge brand.

Fun Toast menu With Prices Singapore 2022

With its 30 outlets, it has been successfully delivering its quality food all over Singapore. Here is the complete list of all the food items of Fun Toast menu with prices:

Traditional Coffee

Menu ItemsPrice
Coffee Ofrom S$ 1.70
Coffeefrom S$ 1.80
Coffee Cfrom S$ 1.90
Coffee + Cfrom S$ 1.90
Yuan Yangfrom S$ 2
Gula Melaka Coffeefrom S$ 2.10
Honey Coffee Cfrom S$ 2.10

Traditional Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Tea Ofrom S$ 1.70
Teafrom S$ 1.80
Tea Cfrom S$ 1.90
Tea + Cfrom S$ 1.90
Gula Melaka Teafrom S$ 2.10
Honey Tea Ofrom S$ 1.90
Honey Tea Cfrom S$ 2.10

Specialty Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Almond Teafrom S$ 2.20
Ginger Tea Ofrom S$ 1.90
Ginger Teafrom S$ 1.90
Grass Jelly Teafrom S$ 1.90
Lemon Teafrom S$ 1.90
Lime Teafrom S$ 1.90
Oolong Teafrom S$ 1.70
Honey Grass Jelly Milk Teafrom S$ 2.40
Honey WolfBerry Tea Ofrom S$ 2.20
Honey Lemon Teafrom S$ 2.20
Honey Lime Teafrom S$ 2.20

Refreshing Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Honey Ofrom S$ 1.80
Honey Lemonfrom S$ 2.10
Honey Limefrom S$ 2.10
Honey Lime Sour Plumfrom S$ 2.10
Honey Gingerfrom S$ 2.10
Honey Grass Jellyfrom S$ 2.10
Honey Wolf Berryfrom S$ 2.10

Nutritional Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Almond Cereal Milkfrom S$ 2.70
Almond Ginger Milkfrom S$ 2.70
Ginger Milkfrom S$ 2.20
Cereal Milkfrom S$ 2.20
Oat Cereal Milkfrom S$ 2.4
Milofrom S$ 2.40
Milo Dinosaurfrom S$ 3.80


Menu ItemsPrice
Pandan KayaS$ 4.20
Kaya Less SugarS$ 4.50
Caramel KayaS$ 4
Creamy PeanutS$ 4.50

Christmas Special

Menu ItemsPrice
Honey Cream Cheese & Ham Toast Setfrom S$ 5.80

Special Bundle Deals

Menu ItemsPrice
Soya Sauce Chicken Bundle Setfrom S$ 9.30
Curry Chicken Bundle Setfrom S$ 9.30
Yong Tau Foo Bundle Setfrom S$ 9.30
Double Toast Bundle Set 1from S$ 9.30
Double Toast Bundle Set 2from S$ 9.30

15% OFF Buddy Meal For 2

Menu ItemsPrice
Ham & Cheese French Toast + Kaya Butter Toast + 2 Hot Coffee Teafrom S$ 9.30
Chee Cheong Fun with Siew Mai + Kaya Butter Toast + 2 Hot Coffee Teafrom S$ 10.10
2 Soya Sauce Chicken Rice or Curry Chicken Rice & 2 Hot Coffee or Teafrom S$ 14.90

Family Meal For 4

Menu ItemsPrice
Family Meal Afrom S$ 19.98S$ 23.50
Family Meal Bfrom S$ 33.83S$ 39.80

Fun Meal

Menu ItemsPrice
Soya Sauce Chicken With Chee Cheong FunS$ 6.90
Soya Sauce Chicken With RiceS$ 6.90
Curry Chicken With Soft BunS$ 6.90
Curry Chicken With RiceS$ 6.90
Chee Cheong Fun & Siew MaiS$ 5
Loh Mai Kai & Siew MaiS$ 5 
Fan Choy & Siew MaiS$ 5
LaksaS$ 6.60
Mee SiamS$ 5.40
Fish Ball Bee Hoon SoupS$ 5.60
Yong Tau Foo Dry with Chee Chong FunS$ 6.80
Yong Tau Foo Curry with RiceS$ 6.80
Yong Tau Foo Soup With RiceS$ 6.80

Fun Toast Set

Menu ItemsPrice
Sardine Toast Setfrom S$ 5.40
Kaya Butter Toast Setfrom S$ 5.40
Yuan Yang Soft Bun Setfrom S$ 5.20
Honey Butter French Toast Setfrom S$ 5
Ham & Cheese French Toast Setfrom S$ 5.40
Egg Mayo Toast Setfrom S$ 5.40

A La Carte Toast

Menu ItemsPrice
Kaya Butter ToastS$ 3.10
Yuan Yang Soft BunS$ 2.90
Honey Butter French ToastS$ 3.70
Ham & Cheese French ToastS$ 4.10
Egg Mayo ToastS$ 4.10
Sardine ToastS$ 4.10

Local Delights

Menu ItemsPrice
Chee Cheong FunS$ 2.90
Fan ChoyS$ 2.90
Loh Mai KaiS$ 2.90
Siew MaiS$ 2.30
Hand Made Chicken BaoS$ 2.40
Yam BaoS$ 1.30
Red Bean BaoS$ 1.30
Char Siew BaoS$ 1.50
Kong Bak BaoS$ 2.40
Soft Boiled EggsS$ 1.80

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