Are you a tourist in Singapore or just a resident looking for a quality cafe in Singapore? Then you are at the perfect site. Here you will find information about Koi Cafe Menu in Singapore which is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Singapore because of its great deals and famous bubble tea.

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Latest List of Koi Menu Singapore With Prices 2022

As we have mentioned above, Koi Cafe is basically famous for its flavored tea which appeals to all kinds of customers, but Koi Menu offers some other great food items too. Here is the list of available items in Koi Cafe Menu:

Flavored Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Jasmine Green Tea Medium3.3
Jasmine Green Tea Large4
Assam Black Tea Medium3.3
Assam Black Tea Large4
Golden Oolong Tea Medium3.3
Golden Oolong Tea Large4
Honey Green Tea Medium3.9
Honey Green Tea Large4.8
Honey Oolong Tea Medium3.9
Honey Oolong Tea Large4.8
Lemon Green Tea Large4.3
Lemon Green Tea Medium5.4
Peach Green Tea Medium4.3
Peach Green Tea Large5.4
Yakult Green Tea Medium4.6
Yakult Green Tea Large5.8
Fresh Passion Green Tea Medium4.6
Fresh Passion Green Tea Large5.8

Milk Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.00
Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.00
Green Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.00
Green Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.00
Oolong Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.00
Oolong Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.00
Hazelnut Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.60
Hazelnut Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.80
Caramel Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.60
Caramel Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.80
Honey Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.60
Honey Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.80
Chocolate Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.60
Chocolate Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.80
Cacao Barry Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.60
Cacao Barry Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.80
Ovaltine Milk Tea MediumSGD 4.60
Ovaltine Milk Tea LargeSGD 5.80


Menu ItemsPrice
Fresh Lemon Juice MediumSGD 4.00
Fresh Lemon Juice LargeSGD 5.00
Iced Honey Juice MediumSGD 4.00
Iced Honey Juice LargeSGD 5.00
Honey Lemon Lime Juice MediumSGD 4.60
Honey Lemon Lime Juice LargeSGD 5.80

Tea Latte

Ceylon Black Tea Latte MediumSGD 4.60
Ceylon Black Tea Latte LargeSGD 5.80
Guava Green Tea
Guava Green Tea LargeS$5.40
Guava Green Tea MediumS$4.30
Flavored Tea
Jasmine Green Tea MediumS$3.30
Jasmine Green Tea LargeS$4.00
Assam Black Tea MediumS$3.30
Assam Black Tea LargeS$4.00
Four Seasons Tea MediumS$3.30
Four Seasons Tea LargeS$4.00
Honey Green Tea LargeS$4.80
Honey Four Seasons Tea MediumS$3.90
Honey Four Seasons Tea LargeS$4.80
Summer Passion MediumS$4.30
Summer Passion LargeS$5.40
Peach Four Seasons Tea MediumS$4.30
Peach Four Seasons Tea LargeS$5.40
Lemon Green Tea MediumS$4.30
Lemon Green Tea LargeS$5.40
Peach Green Tea MediumS$4.30
Peach Green Tea LargeS$5.40
Mango Four Seasons Tea MediumS$4.30
Mango Four Seasons Tea LargeS$5.40
Yakult Green Tea MediumS$4.60
Yakult Green Tea LargeS$5.80
Milk Tea
Milk Tea MediumS$4.00
Milk Tea LargeS$5.00
Green Milk Tea MediumS$4.00
Green Milk Tea LargeS$5.00
Four Seasons Milk Tea MediumS$4.00
Four Seasons Milk Tea LargeS$5.00
Hazelnut Milk Tea MediumS$4.60
Hazelnut Milk Tea LargeS$5.80
Vanilla Milk Tea MediumS$4.60
Vanilla Milk Tea LargeS$5.80
Honey Milk Tea MediumS$4.60
Honey Milk Tea LargeS$5.80
Honey Four Seasons Milk Tea MediumS$4.60
Honey Four Seasons Milk Tea LargeS$5.80
Chocolate MediumS$4.60
Chocolate LargeS$5.80
Ovaltine MediumS$4.60
Ovaltine LargeS$5.80
Brown Sugar Series
Brown Sugar Milk Tea MediumS$4.60
Brown Sugar Milk Tea LargeS$5.80
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk MediumS$5.20
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk LargeS$6.60
Fresh Lemon Juice MediumS$4.00
Fresh Lemon Juice LargeS$5.00
Iced Honey Juice MediumS$4.00
Iced Honey Juice LargeS$5.00
Honey Lemon Lime Juice MediumS$4.60
Honey Lemon Lime Juice LargeS$5.80

Koi Cafe in Singapore 

Koi Cafe was established in Singapore in 2007 and since then Koi Cafe has become one of the most famous Cafes in Singapore. Koi cafe menu offers a variety of awesome and creamy foods such as Bubble Tea, Honey Green Tea, Chocolate milk tea, Honey Lemon Juice and many other flavored types of tea. Whenever someone wants to enjoy something unique in the tea category they prefer Koi Cafe. The menu of Koi Cafe in Singapore is of two types. One is The distinctive Signature Menu and the other is Convenient Express Menu. The Signature Koi menu is expensive and prices can vary upto 50% from the Express menu.

Updated Menu of Koi Cafe Singapore November 2022

Koi cafe in Singapore has developed itself into a brand after its arrival in 2007. Koi Cafe menu includes delicious and yummy varieties of Flavored tea and other food items which are mood booster for the visitors of Koi Cafe. Koi Cafe only uses natural items in the making of food. Koi cafe in Singapore keeps its menu up to date to keep the customers intrigued. Here are some updated Koi Menu items:

Koi Peach Four Seasons Tea

The Koi Peach Four Seasons tea is a drink on the lighter side, nicely blend with proportionate amount of peach and tea flavor. The Four Season tea consist of freshly-picked tea leaves selected to be made into tea that can satisfy the choosiest palate. 

The tea is a sweet, fruity beverage that has a refreshing fruity taste – perfect for a post-meal refreshing drink! You may add toppings such as Aloe Vera & Koi’s famous Golden Bubble to give the drink extra texture.

Golden Bubble Milk Tea

The Golden Bubble Milk Tea is without a doubt one of Koi’s most popular drinks on its menu. The rich and creamy milk tea is further elevated when combined with Koi one-of-a-kind golden bubbles. You would be able to enjoy the blended flavors and textures of bubbles bouncing around in your mouth as you take a sip through the drink. The Golden Bubble pearls are also chewy and soft, which makes it easy and light to consume.

Overall Koi Golden Bubble Milk Tea has a stronger emphasis on the dairy flavours with a milkier and creamier texture. We would recommend Bubble Tea fans to choose this drink on Koi Menu only if you enjoy a stronger milk taste and aroma in your cup of bubble tea.

KOI Vanilla Milk Tea Ice Cream 

Vanilla Milk Tea Ice cream is new addition in Koi Menu. The ice cream has a milky texture and has been a favourite among many KOI fans in Singapore.

Get yourself a treat if you have the chance, only at all KOI thé outlet!

Vani Coffee Green Milk Tea (M) | $4.70

A limited edition drink, coffee milk tea by KOI which comes with 2 toppings of ice cream and coffee jelly. Sadly, you can’t change these toppings, but you do have an option of choosing the kind of milk tea you want such as normal, green or oolong milk tea to pair with your coffee. It is an interesting tea. And if you’re looking for a bubble tea experience, this drink doesn’t allow you to add pearls in it as well. But it is definitely a delight to have ice cream in milk tea.

Honey Lemon Black Tea

Koi Honey Lemon Black Tea  has become the favorite drink to accompany dinner. Honey Lemon Black Tea, less ice, and no toppings costs $4.10 and the size is generous.

About Koi Cafe

KOI Café was finally founded in 2006. The focus on quality and the signature heart-warming hospitality were successfully brought overseas with the opening of the first Singapore outlet in 2007. Koi Cafe in Singapore has been well received by the locals as well as by the tourists who visit it. Koi Cafe in Singapore generally receives positive reviews from the customers. People are in love with Koi Cafe’s many varieties of flavored teas and juices.

In 2015, in order to better convey our brand philosophy and to nurture tea culture, Ms. Khloé Ma officially changed the brand name to KOI Thé to put an emphasis on tea.

In 2021, KOI Thé in the United States changed its name to FIFTYLAN due to business strategy & global re-branding alignment.

You can follow and check the latest updates, deals and prices of items on Koi’s official social media handles which are:

Koi Thè Singapore for Facebook @koithesingapore for Instagram 

Koi Café Singapore for LinkedIn

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