I love how we are getting more and more choices in Singapore when it comes to F&B. There is a noticeable difference – in the past it is bento meals and sushi sets. But now you can even design your own sushi (and salad!) any way you want it! 
This is made possible by 2 guys from advertising who decided to start their own California Maki shop but with a twist – you get to decide what goes in the sushi roll.
Being from advertising background also means that the decor and packaging are all very pretty 🙂

It is located just at the end of the escalator that heads down to the basement of The Cathay, near Jitterbugs. The interior reminds of of a froyo shop – cheerful and bright, like a MOS burger but more open. On their walls are 6 different creation ideas which actually got ordered by some customers!

makisan review
makisan review

There are super a lot of ingredients at the counter – all looking very delicious and fresh! There’s even  avocados. Instead of the usual salad ingredients, what’s special with Maki-San is the inclusion of Japanese flavors like bonito flakes and other ‘Asian’ types of toppings like chicken floss!

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