Are you looking for a restaurant that offers the purest milk-made products available in Singapore? Then my friend, you don’t need to worry as you have arrived at the perfect place for your guidance. Here we will guide you right to the Milkasha menu in Singapore. In this article, you will know briefly about Milksha, Milksha Menu with the latest price lists, Milksha’s updated menu in 2023 and Milksha’s available locations across Singapore.

Latest List of Milksha Menu Singapore 2023 with Price List

Milksha, as it is obvious from the name itself, has many products in its menu which are directly made with the excessive use of milk. Here is the complete Milksha Menu with the latest price lists:


Refreshing Orange Green Teafrom S$ 4.32S$ 4.80
Fresh Taro Milkfrom S$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milkfrom S$ 4.95S$ 5.50
Earl Grey Rich Milk Teafrom S$ 5.22S$ 5.80
Earl Grey Milk Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Honey Lemon with Green Tea Jellyfrom S$ 5.94S$ 6.60

Milksha Bites

With an impressive selection of dishes, including Fried Oyster Mushroom, Sweet Potato Fries, Taiwan Spicy Fried Chicken, Crispy Salted Chicken, Tea Egg, and Taiwan Sausage, there’s something for everyone. The prices are reasonable, ranging from S$4.86 to S$9.30, and the option to pair your dish with an M-Size Fresh Milk Tea only adds to the value. The menu items are expertly prepared and bursting with flavor, making for a satisfying dining experience every time.

Fried Oyster MushroomS$ 4.86S$ 5.40
Fried Oyster Mushroom With M-Size Fresh Milk Teafrom S$ 7.20S$ 8
Sweet Potato FriesS$ 4.86S$ 5.40
Sweet Potato Fries With M-Size Milk Teafrom S$ 7.20S$ 8
Taiwan Spicy Fried ChickenS$ 5.94S$ 6.60
Taiwan Spicy Fried Chicken With M-Size Fresh Milk Teafrom S$ 8.37S$ 9.30
Crispy Salted ChickenS$ 5.94S$ 6.60
Crispy Salted Chicken With M-Size Milk Teafrom S$ 8.37S$ 9.30
Tea EggS$ 1.80S$ 2
Taiwan SausageS$ 3.24S$ 3.60
Milksha Bites

Foodpanda Special Bundle!

Limited Time Bundlefrom S$ 20.79S$ 23.10

Limited Time Specials 限定飲品

I highly recommend the Honey Lemon with Green Tea Jelly which is priced from S$ 5.94 to S$ 6.60. The balance of sweet honey and tangy lemon with the refreshing green tea jelly was just perfect. Another favorite of mine was the Honey Jasmine Green Milk Tea, priced from S$ 4.77 to S$ 5.30, which was a perfect blend of sweet honey, fragrant jasmine, and creamy milk tea. Lastly, I tried the Honey Roasted Wheat Milk Tea, priced from S$ 4.77 to S$ 5.30, which had a unique and delightful taste of honey and roasted wheat.

Honey Lemon with Green Tea Jellyfrom S$ 5.94S$ 6.60
Honey Jasmine Green Milk Teafrom S$ 4.77S$ 5.30
Honey Roasted Wheat Milk Teafrom S$ 4.77S$ 5.30
Limited Time Specials 限定飲品

Rich Milk Tea Series

Earl Grey Rich Milk Teafrom S$ 5.22S$ 5.80
Oolong Rich Milk Teafrom S$ 5.22S$ 5.80

Fresh Milk Series 鮮奶系

Whether you prefer a classic drink like fresh milk with honey pearl or a unique twist like hojicha jelly frost, there is something for everyone on the menu. Prices range from S$4.86 to S$6.40, making these drinks affordable and accessible for everyone. Standouts include the Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk, which is rich and indulgent, and the Azuki Matcha Milk, which combines the sweetness of red bean with the earthy flavor of matcha.

Fresh Milk with Honey PearlS$ 5.04S$ 5.60
Fresh Taro Milkfrom S$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Brown Sugar Milkfrom S$ 4.86S$ 5.40
Brown Sugar Milk with Honey PearlS$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Hojicha Milkfrom S$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Hojicha Jelly FrostS$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milkfrom S$ 4.95S$ 5.50
Izumo Matcha Milkfrom S$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Azuki Matcha MilkS$ 5.76S$ 6.40
Black Sesame Milkfrom S$ 4.95S$ 5.50
Azuki Sesame MilkS$ 4.95S$ 5.50
Azuki Milk 紅豆鮮奶S$ 4.86S$ 5.40
Fresh Milk Series 鮮奶系

Fresh Milk Tea Series 鮮奶茶系

Earl Grey Milk Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Green Milk Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Light Roasted Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Roasted Wheat Milk Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40

Fresh Milk Foam Series 奶霜系

Milk Foam Earl Grey Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Milk Foam Green Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Milk Foam Light Roasted Oolong Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Milk Foam Oolong Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40
Milk Foam Roasted Wheat Teafrom S$ 3.96S$ 4.40

Premium Tea Series 單茶系

Earl Grey Teafrom S$ 2.70S$ 3
Green Teafrom S$ 2.70S$ 3
Light Roasted Oolong Teafrom S$ 2.70S$ 3
Oolong Teafrom S$ 2.70S$ 3
Roasted Wheat Teafrom S$ 2.70S$ 3

Special Concoctions 特調系

The Orange Green Tea and Zesty Lemon Green Tea both start from S$4.32 and go up to S$4.80, which I found to be reasonable for the quality of the drinks. I also tried the Orange Frostea and Lemon Frostea and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture. Both drinks were perfectly blended and left me feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Refreshing Orange Green Teafrom S$ 4.32S$ 4.80
Zesty Lemon Green Teafrom S$ 4.32S$ 4.80
Orange Frosteafrom S$ 4.32S$ 4.80
Lemon Frosteafrom S$ 4.32S$ 4.80
Special Concoctions 特調系

Ice Cream 冰淇淋

Earl Grey Latte Ice CreamS$ 4.32S$ 4.80
Black Sesame Milk Ice CreamS$ 4.32S$ 4.80

Milksha Updated Menu [thisMonth] 2023 

Milksha Menu Singapor
Milksha Menu Singapor

Milksha is a quite new food chain in Singapore and is in competition with juggernauts of this field such as KFC, 4Fingers, Lady M, Burger King etc. So in order to attract a lot of customers, Milksha’s keeps updating its menu according to the taste and demand of customers. Brown Sugar Milk with Honey Pearls, Azuki Matcha Milk and Milksha Mango Tea series are some newly added items in Milksha Menu Singapore. 

Milksha Menu Singapor

Azuki Matcha Milk 

The Azuki Matcha Milk features matcha specially imported from Izumo Tousuien (桃翠園) which is a century-old matcha specialty brand from Japan. 

Milksha Menu Singapor

The matcha is first chilled, then directly air-flown to Singapore, ensuring that you get your ‘legit’ tasting matcha latte. 

The beverage uses matcha imported from Izumo Tousuien, a century-old brand from Japan. If you like your distinct matcha flavor, you would get it in this drink. Also quite pleasantly light, with a nice balance of the slight bitter matcha and moderate sweetness coming from the red beans. 

Pineapple Tart Frostea ($5.60) 

It is a Chinese New Year Special item.

It is Made by using sweet Jin Zuan 金钻凤梨 and sour Tu 土凤梨 pineapple juices, then blended with premium green tea and ice and lastly topped with fresh milk foam. It tastes really good and you won’t be disappointed at your choice if you buy this. 

Cheng Tng ($3) 

It is an NDP Special. 

It Consists of signature Taiwanese honey pearls, grass jelly, dried longan, snow fungus and longan syrup. Tastewise, it tastes similar to the Cheng Tngs you find in hawker centers minus the barley. 

Hoijicha Jelly Frost ($5.60) 

Light Hoijicha Flavour which is pretty enjoyable with the Grass Jelly, although you would love it more if the Hoijicha was even stronger! 

*P.S. If you sign up and order with the app there’s a $5 welcome voucher min. spend $10! 

About Milksha Singapore 

Milksha Singapore basically originated from a small Milk shop located in Taiwan. The founder of Milksha, Mr. Kevin Lim, is a second-generation dairy farmer of Green Light Ranch. At a very young age, he helped out at the ranch and observed his father’s insistence on using imported high-quality feed to raise the cattle with care to ensure their health and the quality of the milk. Nowadays, Every Taiwanese knows the brand name “Milksha”. Milksha has more than 200 outlets in Taiwan (Including China and Hong Kong). From these restaurants universities student voted a shop number one and named it “Milksha” in Singapore. 

People who tried their milk in Taiwan, Hong Kong or any other country like Singapore, found their drink to have a delicious and smooth taste. What differentiates Milksha Menu from others is the use of only natural products in food making procedures. This rule of Milksha is very well received by the public as people want natural products to keep themselves healthy. You can visit Milkasha Singapore’s official social media pages to know about latest deals and pricings of their menu. 

Instagram: (@milksha_sg) 

Facebook: (Milksha Singapore) 

What is Milksha known for?

Voted the No. 1 Bubble Tea Brand by Taiwan’s University Students, Milksha is driven by its mission to offer “Fresh, Natural, and Handmade Beverages” and achieves this by using 100% natural and fresh ingredients, without any preservatives, artificial colouring, or chemical additives.

How many Milksha outlets are there in Singapore?

6 Milksha Outlets in Singapore.

What are the ingredients in Milksha?

Milksha uses 100% fresh milk and only natural ingredients- no artificial flavoring– for their drinks. In general, the drinks do live up to Milksha’s brand mission. Their Fresh Taro Milk (S$5.6) uses hand-ground taro, releasing its earthy, nutty flavor which was accentuated by the natural sweetness of the fresh milk.

Where is Milksha from?


Milksha Australia hails from the well-established bubble tea brand, Milkshop, in Taiwan. The company’s emphasis on healthy and unique flavours coupled with delivering customer-orientated service has carved out a niche for itself in the handmade beverage market.

What is milksha?

Milksha is a popular Taiwanese bubble tea brand with over 200 locations in Taiwan and has expanded to China, Hong Kong and soon to Canada. The brand is known as “Milkshop” in Taiwan and “Milksha” outside of Taiwan.

Is Gong Cha halal in Singapore?

Gongcha: Not halal-certified but all ingredients used are halal-certified. KOI Thé: Not halal-certified but many of their ingredients are from halal-certified suppliers, and most ingredients are from plant/fruit-based sources. The exception are some dairy (cow) products e.g. ice cream, fresh milk, cream, and yakult.

Which Milksha is the best seller in Chowking?

Signature Taro Milk is one of Milksha’s top sellers—for good reason! It uses high quality taro from selected regions in Taiwan. With each sip, customers will taste the earthy all natural flavour of taro blended with rich and creamy milk.

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