Are you looking for a place to taste crispy and delicious Hamburgers? Then you don’t need to worry because you have arrived at the right place. Here you will know about MOS Burger Menu Singapore with its complete menu, what it includes, what are the prices for MOS Burger menu items as well as MOS Burger locations in Singapore.

MOS Burger Menu Singapore

MOS burger Menu Singapore with Prices 

A menu is the most important thing for a restaurant and so are prices. Here you will be provided with the MOS Burger Menu Singapore with Prices taken directly from official MOS Burger Menu:

MOS Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Premium Smoked Wagyu BurgerSGD 9.90
Premium Smoked Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 10.20
Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu BurgerSGD 8.05
Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 8.35
Yakiniku Rice BurgerSGD 4.70
Kakiage Rice BurgerSGD 4.70
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerSGD 4.75
Fish BurgerSGD 4.15
Classic IMPOSSIBLE BurgerSGD 10.05
Pumpkin Mushroom IMPOSSIBLE BurgerSGD 11.05
Variety BoxSGD 18.15

Wagyu & Menchikatsu Series

Menu ItemsPrice
Wagyu Menchikatsu PieSGD 5.05
XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Burger KatsuSGD 10.80
XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Burger CurrySGD 10.80
Cheezy Wagyu BurgerSGD 8.65
Premium Smoked Wagyu BurgerSGD 9.90
Premium Smoked Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 10.20
Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu BurgerSGD 8.05
Teriyaki Glazed Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 8.35
Demiglace Wagyu BurgerSGD 6.00
Demiglace Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 6.30
Menu ItemsPrice
Classic IMPOSSIBLE BurgerSGD 10.05
Pumpkin Mushroom IMPOSSIBLE BurgerSGD 11.05
Fish BurgerSGD 4.15
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerSGD 4.75
MOS BurgerSGD 4.30
MOS CheeseburgerSGD 4.60
Spicy MOS BurgerSGD 4.40
Spicy MOS CheeseburgerSGD 4.70
Kakiage Rice BurgerSGD 4.70
Yakiniku Rice BurgerSGD 4.70
Ebi Rice BurgerSGD 4.70
Hokkaido Croquette BurgerSGD 3.20
Teriyaki BurgerSGD 4.30
Chicken BurgerSGD 4.15
HamburgerSGD 2.20
CheeseburgerSGD 2.50

Side Treats

Menu ItemsPrice
MayonnaiseSGD 0.50
Daikon SoupSGD 3.85
Corn SoupSGD 3.20
Clam ChowderSGD 3.20
French Fries (Large)SGD 3.25
Green SaladSGD 2.90
MOS ChickenSGD 3.50
Hokkaido CroquetteSGD 2.55
Chicken Nuggets (5pcs)SGD 4.20
Chicken Nuggets (15pcs)SGD 10.65
Mussels Nugget (4pcs)SGD 4.45
Mussels Nugget (10pcs)SGD 10.00
Butterfly Prawns (5pcs)SGD 4.20
Butterfly Prawns (15pcs)SGD 10.20
Variety BoxSGD 18.15

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced Milk TeaSGD 3.30
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.30
Iced Peach TeaSGD 3.30
Coke ClassicSGD 2.90
Fanta GrapeSGD 2.90
Coke No SugarSGD 3.10
Orange JuiceSGD 2.80
Pink Guava JuiceSGD 2.80
Oolong Tea (Non-Sugar)SGD 3.15

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot Lemon TeaSGD 3.40
Hot Milk TeaSGD 3.40
Freshly Brewed Gourmet CoffeeSGD 3.40

MOS Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheese Burger$2.10
Fish Burger$3.45
Tuna Salad Burger$2.20
Egg Salad Burger$2.20
Chicken Ham & Omelet Burger$2.20
Morning Toast Plate$3.90
French Toast Potato Salad$2.50
French Toast Teriyaki Chicken$2.60
French Toast Chicken Ham & Cheese$2.40
MOS BurgerS$3.90
MOS CheeseburgerS$4.20
Spicy MOS BurgerS$4.10
Spicy MOS CheeseburgerS$4.40
Fish BurgerS$3.80
Teriyaki BurgerS$3.90
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerS$4.35
Chicken BurgerS$3.80
Hokkaido Croquette BurgerS$2.95
Ebi Rice BurgerS$4.30
Kakiage Rice BurgerS$4.30
Yakiniku Rice BurgerS$4.30
Tsukune Rice BurgerS$4.30
Natsumi BeefS$3.70
Natsumi Chicken TeriyakiS$4.30
Natsumi FishS$3.70
Premium Smoked Wagyu BurgerS$9.10
Premium Smoked Wagyu Burger with cheeseS$9.40
Teriyaki GlazedS$7.40
Wagyu Burger with cheeseS$7.70
Classic Impossible™ BurgerS$9.20
Pumpkin Mushroom Impossible™ BurgerS$10.15
XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Burger (Katsu)S$9.90
XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Burger (Curry)S$9.90
Cheezy Wagyu BurgerS$7.95
Chilli DogS$4.15
Spicy Chilli DogS$4.30
Plain DogS$3.90
French Fries (S)S$2.35
Butterfly Prawns (5pcs)S$3.85
MOS ChickenS$3.50
Green SaladS$3.00
Chicken Nuggets (5pcs)S$3.85
Mussels Nuggets (4pcs)S$4.10
Variety Pack (2 Large Size French Fries, Onion Rings, 2 pieces MOS Chicken)S$16.65
Corn SoupS$2.90
Clam Chowder SoupS$2.90
Mushroom SoupS$2.75
Hokkaido Milk Ice CreamS$3.05
Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream (Sea Salt Caramel)S$3.05
Coke ClassicS$2.40
Fanta GrapeS$2.40
Coke No SugarS$2.50
Iced Milk TeaS$2.65
Iced Lemon TeaS$2.65
Iced Peach TeaS$2.65
Ayataka Green Tea (Non-Sugar)S$2.90
Oolong Tea (Non-Sugar)S$2.90
Freshly Brewed Gourmet CoffeeS$2.80
Hot Lemon TeaS$2.80
Hot Milk TeaS$2.80
French Toast Chicken Ham & CheeseS$2.40
French Toast Teriyaki ChickenS$2.60
French Toast Potato SaladS$2.50
Morning Toast PlateS$3.90
Morning Deluxe Toast PlateS$4.95
Morning Croissant PlateS$5.60
Chicken Ham & Omelet BurgerS$2.20
Egg Salad BurgerS$2.20
Tuna Salad BurgerS$2.20
Fish BurgerS$3.45
Cheese BurgerS$2.30

MOS Burger Updated Menu 2023

Just like all the good restaurants in Singapore, MOS Burger also has to face competition in attracting a large number of consumers. For this sole purpose, MOS Burger updates its menu from time to time and according to the changing taste of its visitors. Here are some newly added food items in MOS Burger Menu Singapore: 

MOS Cheeseburger 

MOS is one of the famous brands in Singapore, they have a lot of tasty and fantastic items but the most delicious burger item that people like is Cheeseburger. 

Basically cheeseburger is a hamburger covered with cheese. It is a mixture of Regular Bun, 100% Beef Patty, Pasteurized Process American Cheese, Ketchup, Pickle Slices, Onions and Mustard. 

MOS Burger Menu Singapore

King Oyster Mushroom Whole-Meal Croissant 

Vegetarians will be pleased to know about this! Try MOS Burger’s new King Oyster Mushroom Whole-Meal Croissant ($6)! Wrapped inside the whole-meal croissant are generous layers of coral green, king oyster mushroom, sliced red onions, red capsicum & refreshing Japanese cucumbers, topped with thousand-island dressing!

Salsa Chicken Burger 

$3.55 for a whole chicken thigh along with tangy salsa sauce. Although the sauce is unimpressive, all is forgiven with the juicy and tender chicken thigh. Mos burger does it right again with quality as their definite order winner. 

About MOS burger 

Mr. Sakurada started his hamburger shop venture and set up the first MOS Burger shop in Tokyo in 1972. Committed to producing food fine-tuned to the Japanese palate, Mr. Sakurada inspired his team to create innovative products that would stand the test of time. One of the finest creations was the Rice Burger, which proved a smash hit when it was launched in Japan in 1987. 

Through the persistence and determination of Mr. Sakurada, MOS Burger has become one of the largest hamburger chains in Japan. The entire hamburger culture in Japan stemmed from Mr. Sakurada’s dream. 

Since 1972, MOS Burger has offered a wide variety of unique and original MOS burgers, as well as local specialties. Menu and styles might have changed but the MOS policy and passionate commitment to creating delicious, quality burgers has never changed. Beyond Japan, MOS Burger continues to bring good taste to countries around the world. 

Since MOS Burger’s introduction in Singapore it has served with affection and care. You can follow MOS Burger on social media to keep yourself updated with its latest menu. Instagram (@mosburgersg) 

Facebook (MOS Burger Singapore)

MOS Burger Menu Singapore 

MOS Burger is a very popular Japanese fast food restaurant founded by Mr. Sakurada. MOS Burger Singapore is famous for its delicious Hamburgers, Cheeseburger, Fish Burger and many other fan favorite food items. MOS Burger has its origins in Tokyo, Japan. After coming into existence, MOS Burger achieved success very rapidly and in a few years it expanded in other countries. MOS Burger opened its first store in Singapore in May 1993 on Orchard Road. MOS Burger has become very popular among the locals for its quality of food at very low prices. Customers love to visit MOS Burger as not a single item in MOS Burger Menu Singapore is priced more than S$11 and it has a lot of interesting food items which one can enjoy any time with friends and family or even individually. 

MOS burger Outlets Across Singapore 

Here is the list of available MOSBurger outlets in Singapore:

Plaza Singapura 

68 Orchard Road 

#B1-01 Plaza Singapura 238839 

(+65) 6883 0026 


51 Telok Ayer Street 

#01-07 048441 

(+65) 6222 7545 

Millenia Walk 

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-99/100 Millenia Walk, 039596 

(+65) 6837 391 

HarbourFront Centre 

1 Maritime Square #01-95/96/97 HarbourFront Centre, 099253 (+65) 6274 3349 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

8 Grange Road #01-06 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 239695 (+65) 6235 7055 

Novena Square 

238 Thomson Road #01-54/55 Novena Square 307683 (+65) 6352 5431 100 AM 

100 Tras Street #01-12 100 AM 079027 

(+65) 6694 8482 

Marina Bay Financial Centre 

12 Marina Boulevard #01-03, Marina Bay Financial Tower 3 018982 (+65) 6443 1176 

Marina One 

5 Straits View #B2-45 018936 (+65) 6282 4350 

Suntec City Mall 

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122, Suntec City Mall 038983 

Tiong Bahru Plaza 

302 Tiong Bahru Road B1-139, Tiong Bahru Plaza 168732 (+65) 6264 4482 

The Centrepoint 

176 Orchard Road #B1-06, The Centrepoint 238843 (+65) 6694 3204 Republic Plaza 

9 Raffles Place #B1-06 Republic Plaza 048619 

(+65) 6226 1525 

CT Hub 2 (Deliveroo Edition) 

114 Lavender Street #01-12 CT Hub 2 338729 

City Square Mall 

180 Kitchener Road #B2-04 City Square Mall 208539 (+65) 6509

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