Nakhon Kitchen restaurant in Singapore, want to know Latest Nakhon Kitchen Menu 2022 with prices. They have an array of delicious and inspiring options that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day. With such a huge selection of dishes at Nakhon Kitchen Singapore Menu, how do you know what to order? Don’t worry—they’ve got you covered. They’ve broken down their menu into sections based on what kind of mood you’re in: Whether you’re looking for something light or something thick and hearty, they’ve got what you need.

Nakhon Kitchen wanted to share their passion with you and create an environment where you could relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and those you love. When you’re looking for a casual evening with friends, or a delicious meal to take home, Nakhon Kitchen Singapore is the place to be. One of the best things about this Nakhon Kitchen SG is that it is open from morning till late at night, so you can visit them anytime during the day or night if you want to have some good food cooked by professional chefs who know how to prepare delicious dishes using fresh ingredients.

Nakhon Kitchen Menu 2022 With Prices List

Below you will find the latest Lists of Nakhon Kitchen Menu 2022 Singapore with prices Updated In [thisMonth]. Nakhon Kitchen Menu & prices are sourced directly from Nakhon Kitchen Singapore outlets.



Soup of the DayS$3.96
Chicken NuggetsS$5.04
Onion RingsS$5.04
Popcorn ChickenS$6.96
Calamari RingsS$8.16
Roasted Chicken Drummettes (6 PCS)S$8.64
Honey Rock Sugar Wings 6 PcsS$8.64
French FriesS$4.20
Cheesy FriesS$5.76
Bolognese Cheese FriesS$7.80
Sambal Cheese FriesS$7.80
Salted Egg FriesS$8.28
Cheese FondueS$4.56
Salted Egg FondueS$5.76
Nacho CheeseS$1.80


Snack PlatterS$17.40
Cheesy Snack PlatterS$19.08
Salted Egg Snack PlatterS$20.28


Grilled Chicken SaladS$11.52
Eighteen Funky SaladS$11.52


Eighteen Beef BurgerS$15.48
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken BurgerS$13.08
Classic Fish BurgerS$14.28


Carbonara with Sous Vide EggS$14.16
Prawn Aglio OlioS$18.96
Truffle Cheese FusilliS$15.36
Tom Yum Seafood FusilliS$16.56
Grilled Chicken Pesto PastaS$12.96
Beef BologneseS$12.96
Salted Egg Prawn PastaS$16.56
Shimeji Mushroom & Asparagus Aglio OlioS$12.96

Meat & Seafood Lovers

Teriyaki ChickenS$12.96
BBQ ChickenS$12.96
Crispy Fried ChickenS$14.16
BBQ Chicken & PrawnsS$17.76
Chicken & SausageS$15.36
Teriyaki SalmonS$20.16
Ribeye with 3 Pcs Prawns & 4 Pcs Calamari RingsS$30.96

Fish & Chips

Heart Attack Fried Rice
HA Fried Rice with 64 Degrees EggS$10.20
HA Grilled Chicken Fried RiceS$15.36
HA Tempura Fish Fillet Fried RiceS$19.44
HA Striploin Fried RiceS$21.36
HA Striploin Steak with Black Pepper Chicken SausageS$22.56
HA Ribeye Steak with Black Pepper Chicken SausageS$24.96
Degrees EggS$2.40

Be Your Own Chef

Cheese Baked RiceS$11.04
Cheese Baked SpaghettiS$12.12
Cheese Baked FusilliS$12.60


Bottled Water BottledS$2.16
18C Iced Lemon TeaS$3.96
Iced Honey Lemon TeaS$3.96
Iced LatteS$4.20
Lime SodaS$4.56
Grape SodaS$4.56
Blue OceanS$5.40
Coke ZeroS$3.60
Root BeerS$3.60
Frozen OreoS$5.40
Banana & Mango SmoothieS$5.40
Strawberry & Mango SmoothieS$5.40



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