If you are planning to visit Neptune restaurant in Singapore, then you should check out this page for the Latest Neptune Menu 2022 with prices. They have an array of delicious and inspiring options that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day. With such a huge selection of dishes at Neptune Singapore Menu, how do you know what to order? Don’t worry—they’ve got you covered. They’ve broken down their menu into sections based on what kind of mood you’re in: Whether you’re looking for something light or something thick and hearty, they’ve got what you need.

Neptune Menu Singapore 2022

Neptune wanted to share their passion with you and create an environment where you could relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and those you love. When you’re looking for a casual evening with friends, or a delicious meal to take home, Neptune Singapore is the place to be. One of the best things about this Neptune SG is that it is open from morning till late at night, so you can visit them anytime during the day or night if you want to have some good food cooked by professional chefs who know how to prepare delicious dishes using fresh ingredient

Neptune Menu Singapore 2022 with priecs

s.Below you will find the latest Lists of Neptune Menu 2022 Singapore with prices. Neptune Menu & prices are sourced directly from Neptune Singapore outlets.

Summer Chicken Stew
Slow roasted chicken thigh, potatoes & carrots, sundried tomato cream
broth, toast
Meatballs & Toast
House beef balls, swiss mushrooms, light herbed cream sauce, sourdough
Bacon Kedgeree
Bacon curried rice, raisins, tomato basil pesto, jammy egg, caramelised
onions, sour cream
Aglio Olio (Pasta)
Garlic, chilli, parmesan, tagliatelle
Shrimp Scampi (Pasta)
Garlic butter shrimp, lemon, shallots panko, tagliatelle
Fennel Pork & Shrooms
Fennel pork, oyster mushrooms, sauteed spinach, tagliatelle
Blueberries, banana, honey greek yoghurt, house granola
Banana Bread
Banana bread, espresso mascarpone, candied rice crispy, honey
Tuna Quinoa Bowl
Tuna poke, quinoa salad, furikake smashed avo, crispy fried egg
Big in Japan
Grana padano scone with yuzu jam, honey mascarpone, cold shrimp & salmon in
dill sauce
Neptuna Melt w Tater Tots
Baguette, San Marzano jam, tuna mayo, sweet pickled onions, leicester
cheese, tatertots
Chorizo, Eggs & Avocado
Spicy pork chorizo, organic sunny eggs (2pcs), smashed avo, toast
Portobello Ragout
Portobello, herb cream, organic sunny eggs (2pcs), blistered cherry
tomatoes, toast
Chilli Crab & Chorizo
Harissa chilli crab, grilled chorizo, scrambled eggs, toast, sour cream
French Toast Standard
Buttery french toast, fresh strawberries, strawberry coulis, butter, maple
Buttermilk Waffles
Buttermilk Waffles
Buttered Broccoli BowlS$12.80
Burnt BrusselsS$12.80
Shoestring FriesS$8.60
Shoestring FriesS$8.60
Honey Tater TotsS$13.40
Black Coffee
Espresso (Dbl shot)S$3.80
Espresso MacchiatoS$4.80
Long BlackS$4.80
Long MacchiatoS$4.80
White Coffee
Piccolo (4oz – single shot)S$4.80
Cortado (4oz – dbl shot)S$4.80
Magic (5oz – dbl ristretto)S$5.40
Flat WhiteS$5.40
Vanilla LatteS$6.40
Hazelnut LatteS$6.40
Toffeenut LatteS$6.40
Barista BreakfastS$8.60
Iced Coffee
Iced Long BlackS$5.40
Iced Carbon BlackS$6.40
Iced LatteS$6.40
Iced CappuccinoS$6.40
Iced MochaS$7.50
Iced Vanilla LatteS$7.50
Iced HazelnutS$7.50
Iced ToffeenutS$7.50
Bottled Brews
The CosmosS$7.50
The Milky Way (Black White Cold Brew)S$7.50
Filter Coffee
Brazil – Edinei #1 Sul de Minas, NaturalS$7.00
Ethiopia – Shaakkiso Tima, Guji – NaturalS$7.00
Rwanda – Umurage CWS Lot 2, NaturalS$7.00
Colombia – Sebastian Gomez, NaturalS$7.00
Hot ChocolateS$5.90
Iced ChocolateS$7.00
Peppermint Hot ChocolateS$6.40
Iced Peppermint ChocolateS$7.50
Matcha LatteS$6.40
Iced Matcha LatteS$7.50
Chai LatteS$6.40
Iced Chai LatteS$7.50
Daily Iced Tea w MintS$7.50
Teas (Hot)S$8.60
Premium Cold Brew Teas (480ml)S$9.00
Slow Pressed Juice
Slow Pressed JuiceS$7.50
Gingeric Passion (300ml)S$9.00
Berried Peaches (300ml)S$9.00
Grinty Rosemelon (300ml)S$9.00
A Fud BrownieS$7.00
Key Lime PieS$7.00
Lemon MeringueS$8.00
Lemon Olive CakeS$8.00
Raspberry Curd PieS$8.00
Red Velvet NutellaS$8.00
Seasalt Caramel Carrot CakeS$8.00
Vanilla Pound CakeS$9.10
Big Boy Cookies
Chocolate Chip WalnutS$5.50
Double Chocolate ChipS$5.50

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