Old Chang Kee menu Singapore is a well known food which masters in making the most perfect and mouth watering curry puffs. They have achieved great success with their signature curry and have expanded their menu with other exciting items as well. Old Chang Kee menu takes great joy while offering its loveable and tasty Braised Bee Hoon and Dry Mee Siam Bee Hoon. Moreover, you will get to taste their crispy snacks like Curry’O, Sardine’O, Spring’O, Gyoza Onstik and a lot more.

One particular feature that makes the Old Chang Kee menu in Singapore even more special is the Special Deals menu. For six to seven dollars you can get a variety of Bee Hoon Bento sets, i.e, set B, C, D etc. You can enjoy these amazing deals with your friends, family or colleagues and have a great time together. Old Chang Kee began its humble journey back in 1956 as a small food store and now it has so many branches across Singapore.

Old Chang Kee Menu With Prices Singapore 2023

All the products are within your reach at very low prices as compared to the quality. Here is the Old Chang Kee menu in Singapore with Prices list:


Sotong Head OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.10
Sotong Wing OnstikS$ 2.10
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Chicken WingS$ 2.10
Fishball OnStikS$ 1.80

CNY Special

At only S$5, this dish is a steal. The fish finger is crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside, while the QQ fries are the perfect complement – crispy and not too oily. I highly recommend this dish to anyone looking for a satisfying snack while exploring Singapore.

Fish Finger (Alaska Pollock) With QQ FriesS$ 5
CNY Special

Bee Hoon

The Bee Hoon Set A is a great option for those on a budget at only S$ 6, while the Bee Hoon Set B provides a little more variety for just S$ 7. If you’re looking for a simple yet flavorful dish, try the Braised Bee Hoon for only S$ 2.50. The Dry Mee Siam Bee Hoon is another must-try, with its unique blend of flavors at just S$ 3.50.

Bee Hoon Set AS$ 6
Bee Hoon Set BS$ 7
Braised Bee HoonS$ 2.50
Dry Mee Siam Bee HoonS$ 3.50
Bee Hoon


Nasi Lemak with Chicken WingS$ 7.40
Curry Chicken With RiceS$ 7.40


Their Curry’O Box and Spring’O Box are must-try dishes for anyone who loves traditional Asian flavors. The Curry’O Box, with its rich and flavorful curry sauce, is a classic Singaporean dish that will satisfy your cravings. The Spring’O Box, on the other hand, is a delightful treat with its crispy spring rolls and sweet chili sauce. The prices are very affordable, starting from just S$ 9.50, making it the perfect place for a quick and affordable meal.

Curry’O Boxfrom S$ 9.50
Spring’O Boxfrom S$ 9.50


Curry’Ofrom S$ 1.90
Sardine’Ofrom S$ 1.90
Mushroom Chicken’OS$ 1.90
Spring’Ofrom S$ 1.90
Gyoza OnstikS$ 2.10
Black Sesame BallS$ 1.90
Fishball OnStikS$ 1.80
Big Fishball OnStikS$ 2.60
Sotong Ball OnstikS$ 2
Sotong Head OnstikS$ 2.10
Sotong Wing OnstikS$ 2.10
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Prawn Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheezy Fish Finger OnStikS$ 2.10
Chicken WingS$ 2.10
Chicken Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheesy Chicken Ball OnstikS$ 2.10
Chicken Chunky PopsS$ 3.40
QQ Fries With Nacho Cheesefrom S$ 4

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Does Old Chang Kee accept Ezlink?

Now you can pay for your favourite curry puff and snacks at Old Chang Kee with the EZ-Link Wallet!

How Long Can Old Chang Kee last?

You can also freeze the item on the day of purchase/delivery. Food frozen correctly will remain food safe for as long as you keep it that way, but we do advise to eat anything frozen within 3 months to avoid a deterioration in quality.

What is inside Old Chang Kee curry puff?

Every Old Chang Kee curry puff is painstakingly prepared – zesty curried potatoes, succulent bite-sized chicken chunks and slices of boiled egg mixes with a perfect combination of herbs and spices to create the flawless flavour and texture that Singaporeans have loved over the last 60 years.

Who owns Old Chang Kee?

The Founder of Old Chang Kee : Han Keen Juan | The Five Leaders.

What oil does Old Chang Kee use?

   palm oil  We recently learnt that both Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs use palm oil that originates from potentially unsustainable plantations and supply chains. Cooking oil tins at Old Chang Kee clearly state that the palm oil originates from unsustainable sources.

Can Old Chang Kee curry puff be kept overnight?

Can curry puff be kept overnight? Yes it can but I would recommend storing it in the fridge overnight as my version contains chicken. Then on the day of serving, reheat in the oven or toaster oven.

How do you reheat Karipap?

Allow the frozen curry puff to come to room temperature first before reheating. Place the puff in a baking tray. Reheat in a preheated oven at 160C for about 10 minutes or until the pastry crisp up.

What is unique about Old Chang Kee?

Fresh ideas and innovative marketing strategies, in sync with changing consumer trends, were implemented. Old Chang Kee has since evolved. It now specializes in the manufacture and sales of a wide range of very affordable high quality food products including the signature curry puff.

What is price Old Chang Kee curry puff?

-Box of 10 $14.00. Curry’O. Classic curry puff stuffed full of curried potatoes, chicken and a slice of egg, all cooked with special herbs and spices.

When did Old Chang Kee become halal?

As of 7 January 2005, all Old Chang Kee products, outlets and central kitchens were officially certified ‘Halal’ by MUIS.

Who Are Old Chang Kee competitors?

Old Chang Kee Ltd. Competitors Yamada Green Resources. SGX:BJV. S$58.3m. Zhongxin Fruit and Juice. Catalist:5EG. S$36.9m. OTS Holdings. Catalist:OTS. S$46.0m. JB Foods. SGX:BEW. S$136.4m.

How many Old Chang Kee are there in Singapore?

You can choose from a range of 79 Old Chang Kee locations, great places to enjoy curry puff in Singapore, including one outlet at AMK Hub shopping mall (53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3).

How many employees does Old Chang Kee have?

Peer analysis Company Revenue (TTM) Employees Japan Foods Holding Ltd 71.37m 193.00 Old Chang Kee Ltd 77.49m — RE&S Holdings Ltd 157.44m — JUMBO Group Ltd 85.97m 728.00 5 more rows

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