To ensure we serve the freshest sushi and sashimi in Singapore, we’ve put in place an end-to-end delivery process that keeps our supplies ice-cold from source to destination. 

Tsukiji Fish Market → Singapore Airport 

Once fish supplies are secured in Japan, our on-ground procurement & quality control team packages them in industrial-grade, insulated storage units for air freight to Singapore.

Estimated time: ≈ 12 hours 

Singapore Airport → Our Kitchens

When fish supplies arrive in Singapore, local ground logistics take over.

Only refrigerated vans fitted with advanced insulation panels are used to transport fresh supplies to our kitchens. Backend systems facilitate coordination between the changeover to ensure supplies are not left waiting.

Estimated time: ≈ 2 hours

Our Kitchens → Your Home

Customers’ orders are delivered by our in-house fleet of vans and drivers. All raw items are packed within cooler bags with gel packs to keep the temperature between 2-7 degrees. These bags are then placed into chiller units within our vehicles for a second level of temperature control. 

With 7 kitchens island-wide, prepared food orders leave the kitchen the moment they are prepared.

Estimated time: ≈ 15 minutes

We promise only fresh and chilled sashimi. 

Time to enjoy delicious Japanese food!

Best sushi in Singapore!