7 Commercial Kitchens Island-wide

All our kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and technology to ensure speed and quality in food preparation. Located strategically across Singapore, orders are allocated to the closest kitchen to ensure we deliver within the promised time. Whether it’s grilling, frying, boiling, pickling, fermenting or poaching, everything has been rehearsed for execution at maximum efficiency. This is how we manage to deliver you the best tasting sushi in Singapore. 

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A Team of Experienced Japanese Itamaes いたまえ

To prepare orders at the highest quality and speed, each kitchen is headed by a Japanese Itamae (or head sushi chef). An Itamae is an exceptionally prestigious and revered title that is given only to those with years of training and apprenticeship. With the highest level of mastery over their knives, our chefs are able to bring out the best of our premium ingredients, creating consistently delicious food. We will personally guarantee you the best tasting sushi in SIngapore.