sushi singapore

The Science of Ikejime

The principle is simple: The less trauma a fish suffers during slaughter, the better the quality of the meat. First, the brain of the fish is crushed. Then, a metal rod is inserted through its spine to paralyse the fish, preventing the release of lactic acid and cortisol which sour the meat. By sourcing only from Ikejime-trained suppliers, we get the freshest, best quality sashimi. This is how we make the best sushi in Singapore. 

sushi singapore

The Freshest Fish from Hokkaido & Tsukiji

After narrowing down fish suppliers, choosing the catch is the next challenge. Our expert purveyors scour the markets of Hokkaido and Tsukiji for the best fish selections. With years of experience, a gentle squeeze of the meat and a whiff differentiates between a fresh versus 2-day old catch. The result? Soft, umami, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that will leave you wanting more. The best sushi in Singapore guaranteed by a long shot!