XL Oyster Trio Platter (12 Pieces)

Fresh and delicious flavours enjoy our variety of Oysters imported straight from Hyogo, Japan.

x4 Nama Yaki (Raw) Oysters : Seasoned with Yuzu Ponzu

x4 Cheese Yaki Oysters: Nacho Cheese, Mozarella Cheese topped with Noriko (Seaweed powder)

x4 Mentaiko Yaki Oysters: Mentaiko Sauce and Ikura (Salmon Roe) on top.



Mentaiko Yaki XL Oyster (6 pieces | 12 pieces)

Fresh Hyojo, Japan Oysters covered in Mentaiko sauce and Ikura (Fresh Salmon Roe) which makes the flavors burst in your mouth.




Cheese Yaki XL Oyster (6 pieces | 12 pieces)

Fresh oyster straight from Hyogo, Japan layered with savoury nacho and stretchy mozzarella cheese, with a pinch of Noriko (Seaweed Powder) to top it all off