Pastamania menus Singapore is an Italian Cuisine serving food chain. The Pastamania menu is quite famous for its distinctive and delicious Cheddar Cheese Sticks, Beef Bolognese, Creamy Chicken, Prawn Aglio, Seafood Tom Yum and Value Meal. Everything is cooked to perfection by the master chefs. You can enjoy a large variety of food items such as Family Feast dishes, Pasta, Pizza, Platter, Desserts quality Beverages at Pastamania menu Singapore. You don’t need to order everything pasta related because you can also get specially crafted fusion delights from their menu. They care about their customers so they use fresh and pure ingredients in their recipes.

From Pastas to Pizzas and from pizzas to Family cuisines, the Pastamania menu in Singapore has everything to satisfy your hungry soul. As soon as you enter their store you find a sense of belonging there. The staff is incredible and deserves applause for their remarkable services. No matter what happens, they make sure that you get the best quality food in Singapore, across various locations of course, at very reasonable prices.

List of Pastamania Menu With prices Singapore 2023

Here is the complete Pastamania menu in Singapore with the latest prices:


Cheddar Cheese SticksS$ 7.50
Beef Bolognesefrom S$ 10.90
Creamy Chickenfrom S$ 12.90
Carbonarafrom S$ 13.80
Cheesy Garlic Bread TrioS$ 5
Honey Garlic ChickenS$ 7.50

Set Meal

With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings. Their value meal is a steal at just S$ 17, and their treat for one at S$ 20 is perfect for a solo dining experience. If you’re dining with a group, consider their Pasta Party at S$ 38 or their Feast for 3 at S$ 46. Don’t forget to add on their Soup Set or Snack Set for just S$ 6.50 and S$ 7.90 respectively.

Value MealS$ 17
Treat For OneS$ 20
Pasta PartyS$ 38
Feast for 3S$ 46
Soup SetS$ 6.50
Snack SetS$ 7.90
Set Meal


Cheddar Cheese SticksS$ 7.50
Crispy Chicken FilletsS$ 7.50
Honey Garlic ChickenS$ 7.50
CalamariS$ 7.80
Cheesy Garlic Bread TrioS$ 5
Waffle Potatoes with Nacho CheeseS$ 7.20
Garlic BreadS$ 4
Cream of MushroomS$ 4.90
Chicken MinestroneS$ 4.90
Chicken WingsS$ 8.20
Mala Mid WingsS$ 8.20

Pasta (Aglio-based)

This delicious dish is a must-try for all pasta lovers and comes at an affordable price of S$ 8.90. If you’re looking for something more filling, the Chicken Bacon Aglio is a great option, with a perfect balance of salty bacon and juicy chicken. For seafood lovers, the Prawn Aglio is a must-try, with succulent prawns tossed in a garlicky sauce. All in all, Pastamania Menu Singapore offers an extensive pasta menu with something for everyone.

Aglio Oliofrom S$ 8.90
Chicken Bacon Agliofrom S$ 11.50
Prawn Agliofrom S$ 13.20
Pasta (Aglio-based)

Pasta (Fusion)

Basil Chicken Agliofrom S$ 10.90
Seafood Tom Yumfrom S$ 14.80
Salted Egg Chickenfrom S$ 14.80
Otah Agliofrom S$ 14.80
Kecap Manis Chicken Baconfrom S$ 13.80
Seafood Zuppafrom S$ 14.80
Seafood Malafrom S$ 14.80
Laksa Seafoodfrom S$ 13.80
Thai Red Curry Seafoodfrom S$ 14.80

Pasta (Cream-based)

Creamy Chickenfrom S$ 12.90
Cheesy Crumble Chicken Baconfrom S$ 10.90
Cheesy Crumble Chicken Hamfrom S$ 10.90
Al Funghifrom S$ 11.50
Alfredofrom S$ 12.90
Carbonarafrom S$ 13.80
Cheesy Crumblefrom S$ 8.90
Truffle Triofrom S$ 14.80

Pasta (Tomato-based)

With a menu full of delicious options like Spicy Chicken, Pomodoro, and Arrabiata, you’ll find something to satisfy your pasta cravings. And with prices starting at just S$8.90, you won’t break the bank. For meat lovers, try the Beef Bolognese or the Chicken Sausages, while seafood lovers will enjoy the Vongole and Marinara. And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the Chicken Cheese Salsiccia.

Spicy Chickenfrom S$ 10.90
Pomodorofrom S$ 8.90
Arrabiatafrom S$ 9.20
Beef Bolognesefrom S$ 10.90
Chicken Sausagesfrom S$ 11.20
Beef Meatballsfrom S$ 13.20
Vongolefrom S$ 13.90
Chicken Bolognesefrom S$ 10.90
Chicken Cheese Salsicciafrom S$ 13.90
Marinarafrom S$ 14.80
Pasta (Tomato-based)


7″ MargheritaS$ 10.90
10″ MargheritaS$ 14.90
7″ Chicken Ham & MushroomS$ 11.90
10″ Chicken Ham & MushroomS$ 15.90
7″ HawaiianS$ 11.90
10″ HawaiianS$ 15.90
7″ Hot Basil ChickenS$ 11.90
10″ Hot Basil ChickenS$ 15.90
7″ VegetarianS$ 11.90
10″ VegetarianS$ 15.90
7″ Beef PepperoniS$ 12.90
10″ Beef PepperoniS$ 16.90
7″ Meat LoversS$ 12.90
10″ Meat LoversS$ 16.90
7″ Truffle MushroomsS$ 12.90
10″ Truffle MushroomsS$ 16.90

Baked Item

Chicken Ham & Chicken Sausage Baked RiceS$ 12.50
Mushroom Baked RiceS$ 11.90


Choco Banana BrownieS$ 8.90
Nutty Cioccolato BrownieS$ 8.90
Udders – Dark ChocolateS$ 4.80
Udders – Cookies & CreamS$ 4.80


CokeS$ 3.30
Coke ZeroS$ 3.30
Yeo’s Green TeaS$ 3.30
Sparkling AppleS$ 3.30
Sparkle Drinking WaterS$ 2.90
Passion FruitS$ 5.50
StrawberryS$ 5.50
Calamansi CoolerS$ 5.50
Minty AppleS$ 5.50
Coconut WaterS$ 3.90

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Pastamania Menu Prices

How many PastaMania are there in Singapore?

Have no fear, Italian cuisine is our game – our diverse range of pastas are easily accessible for dine-in and takeaways at any one of our 20 over stores in Singapore!

Who is the owner of PastaMania?

Commonwealth Capital Pte Ltd

Pastamania is currently a franchise offered by Commonwealth Capital Pte Ltd (CCPL).

Is PastaMania halal or not?

Pastamania is a halal Italian restaurant located in Singapore in the Junction 8 Shopping Centre.

How many PastaMania outlets are there worldwide?

From its humble beginning in 1998, PastaMania has evolved into a regional F&B powerhouse operating more than 50 stores in South-East Asia, China and the Middle East Region.

Where is the pasta capital of the world?


Known as the ‘Città della Pasta’ (City of Pasta), the sleepy coastal town of Gragnano in Italy’s Campania region became famous in the late 1700s for its ‘white gold’, or macaroni.

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