Pastamania menus Singapore is an Italian Cuisine serving food chain. The Pastamania menu is quite famous for its distinctive and delicious Cheddar Cheese Sticks, Beef Bolognese, Creamy Chicken, Prawn Aglio, Seafood Tom Yum and Value Meal. Everything is cooked to perfection by the master chefs. You can enjoy a large variety of food items such as Family Feast dishes, Pasta, Pizza, Platter, Desserts quality Beverages at Pastamania menu Singapore. You don’t need to order everything pasta related because you can also get specially crafted fusion delights from their menu. They care about their customers so they use fresh and pure ingredients in their recipes.

From Pastas to Pizzas and from pizzas to Family cuisines, Pastamania menu Singapore has everything to satisfy your hungry soul. As soon as you enter their store you find a sense of belonging there. The staff is incredible and deserves applause for their remarkable services. No matter what happens, they make sure that you get the best quality food in Singapore, across various locations of course, at very reasonable prices.

Pastamania Menu With prices Singapore 2022

Here is the complete Pastamania menu Singapore with the latest prices:


Al Funghi$ 4.75
Beef Bolognese$ 5
Carbonara$ 6.50
Creamy Chicken$ 4.50
Honey Garlic Chicken$ 3.75
Prawn Aglio$ 6


Caesar Salad$ 4
Calamari$ 3.50
Chicken Bite$ 3
Chicken Wing$ 3.50
Garlic Bread$ 2.25
Garlic Pizza Bread$ 2.75
Honey Garlic Chicken$ 3.75
Lime Paprika Wing$ 4
Potato Wedges$ 2.50
Salmon Salad$ 4.50
Sharing Platter$ 7.50
Tuna Mayo Salad$ 4.50

All Day Breakfast

Belgium Rise$ 5
Toast and Scrambled$ 3.50


Beef Terderloin Parmigiana$ 9
Pan-grilled Striploin$ 15
Pollo Alla Milanese$ 9
Salmon with Creamy Tomato Sauce$ 10


Aglio Olio$ 4
Al Funghi$ 4.75
Alfredo$ 5
Arrabiata with Bacon$ 4.75
Bacon Aglio$ 4.50
Bacon Mushroom Aglio$ 5
Beef Bolognese$ 5
Beef Zuppa$ 6.50
Carbonara$ 6.50
Chicken Bolognese$ 4.50
Chicken Cheesy Sausage$ 6
Creamy Chicken$ 4.50
Marinara Tomato Sauce$ 7
Prawn Aglio$ 6
Seafood Zuppa$ 6.80
Spicy Chicken$ 4.50


Beef Bolognese Pizzafrom $ 5.50
Ham & Mushroom Pizzafrom $ 5.50
Meat Lover Pizzafrom $ 6.50
Parma Ham Pizzafrom $ 6
Pepperoni Pizzafrom $ 6
Quattro Formaggifrom $ 6
Seafood Pizzafrom $ 6
Tuna Mayo Pizzafrom $ 5
Vegetarian Pizzafrom $ 5.50

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