Premium Omakase Sashimi Platter


Platter Components: 

Sengyo Set(Omakase Fish Set), Otoro, Chutoro, Boten Ebi, Hotate, Shiro Maguro, Aburi Shiro Maguro, Salmon Belly, Negi Toro, Ko Giku, Ohba, Hojiso, Sasa Leaves

Recommended steps of consuming for a better experience:

Step 1: Spread the Kiku (Yellow flower) around the Sashimi Platter.
Step 2: Mix your dipping sauce. Peel off the Hojisu (Green leaves with stalk) and mix it in with the homemade Shoyu and Wasabi.
Step 3: Dip it in the sauce and eat it in one mouthful.
Step 4: Let the fragrant flavors explode in your mouth!