Have you been admiring the amazing delicious cakes that are selling in the shops and you ask yourself…

“Can I bake these?”

Me? Always! LOL!

This time, I ask myself… Can I bake a cottony soft Asian taro Swiss roll?

Me? YES! I can!!!

And I can confidently say that I can bake a very good one. So good that I reckon that it is better than those that I have tried in many Asian cake shops… keke

yam net sponge roll

Why taro Swiss roll?

It was a yucky day that my son was feeling unwell. He wasn’t eating anything and had reluctantly requested for a particular Asian-style bread. Hence, I had to make a quick dash to the nearest BreadTop 包店 (a popular Asian bakery chain in Australia).

At the shop when I was paying for my purchases, a guy came and asked the shop assistant for taro Swiss roll but she said it has been sold out!!! The disappointed guy didn’t buy anything else and just walked away.

At the moment with a light bulb in my head, the crazy me started to talk to myself… taro Swiss roll? Hey… I can bake that! Or can I? … LOL! Me and silly thoughts… Always like to make fun out of misery :p

After making sure that my sick son was well fed with bread and hydralyte drinks, I set myself a new mission to look for a good taro Swiss roll recipe.

How good is a good taro Swiss roll cake?

Most Asians especially the Taiwanese love enjoying our cakes and desserts that are made with taro (a starchy root vegetable which is also known as yam). About a year ago, I remember this very soft and moist taro chiffon layered cake that my brother’s Taiwanese girlfriend that bought for us and she said that this taro cake is very popular in Taiwan. I had to try this lovely cake and had engraved its heavenly taste and texture into my brain…

So to me, the cake base of a good taro cake has to be light, soft and cottony. It must also contains a balanced amount of fragrance from yam and coconut milk. The filling must be creamy and SMOOTH but not too heavy!!! It should be a little sweet, a little salty, light in texture and fully packed with taste and fragrance.

Now knowing my mission inside out, I had a thorough look at a series of recipes that I found from my Google search and was shocked to learn that there is really a limited number of taro swiss roll recipes that I can find at internet and can’t find anyone that I want!!!

Can’t find any recipe? Hmmm… So I created one! Guess what? I’m happy and surprised that it works so perfectly! And the cake is exactly what I’m after! So heavenly yammy!!!

Christopher Tan Author at sushidelivery.sg
Christopher Tan Author at sushidelivery.sg

Author: Christopher Tan

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