Are you looking for the latest Subway Menu ? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with updated prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of Subway Singapore.

List of Subway Menu Singapore 2023 With Prices


Tuna Subfrom S$ 8
Subway Melt™ Subfrom S$ 10.20
Roasted Chicken Subfrom S$ 9.40
Chicken Teriyaki Subfrom S$ 9.40
Egg Mayo Subfrom S$ 8
Chicken Ham Subfrom S$ 8

New Flavors

Their 2 Pax Bundle is a steal starting from just S$23.60. I tried the Spicy Mexican Chicken Bowl and it was delicious, at only S$15. The Sweet Onion Teriyaki Bowl was equally tasty and also priced at S$15.

2 Pax Bundlefrom S$ 23.60
Spicy Mexican Chicken BowlS$ 15
Sweet Onion Teriyaki BowlS$ 15
New Flavors


Egg Mayo Subfrom S$ 8
Chicken Ham Subfrom S$ 8
Tuna Subfrom S$ 8
Turkey Subfrom S$ 8.50
Veggie Delite™ Subfrom S$ 7.50
Roasted Chicken Subfrom S$ 9.40
Chicken Teriyaki Subfrom S$ 9.40
Meatball Marinara Melt Subfrom S$ 9.40
Spicy Italian Subfrom S$ 9.40
Italian B.M.T.™ Subfrom S$ 9.30
Subway Club™ Subfrom S$ 9.90
Subway Melt™ Subfrom S$ 10.20
Veggie Patty Subfrom S$ 10.20
Chicken Bacon Ranch Subfrom S$ 10.20
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese Subfrom S$ 10.60
Roast Beef Subfrom S$ 10.80
Veggie Deluxe Subfrom S$ 8.50
Bulgogi Chicken Subfrom S$ 9.70
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Subfrom S$ 10.40


With a variety of wrap options, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic egg mayo wrap for only S$8.50 or looking to try something new, like the bulgogi chicken wrap for S$10.20, Subway has it all. Their wraps are not only delicious, but also affordable. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the spicy Italian wrap for S$10.30 or the meatball marinara melt wrap for S$10. If you’re a vegetarian, their veggie delite™ wrap from S$7.80 or the veggie deluxe wrap from S$9 is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Egg Mayo Wrapfrom S$ 8.50
Chicken Ham Wrapfrom S$ 8.50
Tuna Wrapfrom S$ 8.70
Turkey Wrapfrom S$ 9
Veggie Delite™ Wrapfrom S$ 7.80
Roasted Chicken Wrapfrom S$ 9.90
Chicken Teriyaki Wrapfrom S$ 9.90
Meatball Marinara Melt Wrapfrom S$ 10
Spicy Italian Wrapfrom S$ 10.30
Italian B.M.T.™ Wrapfrom S$ 10.80
Subway Club™ Wrapfrom S$ 10.40
Subway Melt™ Wrapfrom S$ 10.70
Veggie Patty Wrapfrom S$ 10.70
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrapfrom S$ 10.70
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese Wrapfrom S$ 11.10
Roast Beef Wrapfrom S$ 10.30
Veggie Deluxe Wrapfrom S$ 9
Bulgogi Chicken Wrapfrom S$ 10.20
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Wrapfrom S$ 10.90


From the classic Egg Mayo Flatbread starting at S$8.50 to the spicy Italian Flatbread at S$10.30, there is something for everyone. For those who prefer something a little more substantial, the Meatball Marinara Melt Flatbread at S$10 or the Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese Flatbread at S$11.10 are great options. For vegetarians, the Veggie Delite™ Flatbread starting at S$7.80 or Veggie Deluxe Flatbread at S$9 are must-tries. Subway Menu Singapore has also introduced new flavors like the Bulgogi Chicken Flatbread and the Breaded Chicken Cutlet Flatbread that are sure to become fan favorites.

Egg Mayo Flatbreadfrom S$ 8.50
Chicken Ham Flatbreadfrom S$ 8.50
Tuna Flatbreadfrom S$ 8.70
Turkey Flatbreadfrom S$ 9
Veggie Delite™ Flatbreadfrom S$ 7.80
Roasted Chicken Flatbreadfrom S$ 9.90
Chicken Teriyaki Flatbreadfrom S$ 9.90
Meatball Marinara Melt Flatbreadfrom S$ 10
Spicy Italian Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.30
Italian B.M.T.™ Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.80
Subway Club™ Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.40
Subway Melt™ Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.70
Veggie Patty Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.70
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.70
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese Flatbreadfrom S$ 11.10
Roast Beef Flatbreadfrom S$ 11.30
Veggie Deluxe Flatbreadfrom S$ 9
Bulgogi Chicken Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.20
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Flatbreadfrom S$ 10.90

Drinks and Sides

Egg Mayo & Cheese ToastieS$ 6
Mushroom & Cheese ToastieS$ 6
Chicken Ham & Cheese ToastieS$ 6
Meatball BowlS$ 5.50
Meatball Pasta BowlS$ 4.70
Sweet Corn BowlS$ 3
Mushroom soupS$ 5.50
Cookie (3 Pieces)S$ 4.80
Cookie (6 Pieces)S$ 8.40
Ruffles ChipsS$ 2.50
Lays BBQ ChipsS$ 2.50
Lays Classic ChipsS$ 2.50
Lays Nori SeaweedS$ 2.50
Americano (Black Coffee)S$ 3.50
Hot Teafrom S$ 3.10
Hot LatteS$ 4.90
Hot CappuccinoS$ 4.90
Hot MochaS$ 4.90
Hot ChocolateS$ 4.90
Bottled Vitamin Water (XXX)S$ 4
Bottled Vitamin Water (Restore)S$ 4
Bottled Minute Maid Orange JuiceS$ 3.50
DasaniS$ 2.80
Bottled Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar (500ml)S$ 3.80
Bottled Coca-Cola® (500ml)S$ 3.40

Some Best Items of Subway Menu Singapore 2023

Subway Menu Singapore

Turkey Breast Sandwich

Turkey breast sandwich is one of the best items of the Subway Menu. It is a healthy and good source of protein. It tastes crispy tender and delicious. The important thing about it is free from artificial flavoring and color. Some of the important ingredients are wheat bread, mustard, smoked turkey breast, guacamole, bean sprouts, cheese, tomato, etc.

Meatball Marinara

Meatball Marinara is one of the famous items of the subway. It is a classic food with affordable price and tastes slightly salty, sweet, savory, and spicy. The Metaball Marina flavor also depends upon how is cooked. Some most important ingredients are beef, pork, panko breadcrumbs, onion,  fresh parsley, eggs, kosher salt, tomato, pepper, etc.

   Steak and Cheese

Steak and chees is one of the best items on the subway. It is also known as  Philly cheesesteak or chess steak. It is a combination of thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak and chees. It has taste like a pepper steak sandwich and sensational taste because of blender beef and cheese. Some important ingredients are beef scotch fillet steak, olive oil, brown onion, red capsicum,  butter, flour, milk, mozzarella, parmesan, Worcestershire sauce.

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soup spoon menu singapore

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Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, Spicy Italian, Veggie Delight also recommended and famous items

Subway Meat Stack Sub
subway meat sub singapore 2

On the 1st October 2023, Subway Singapore has launched a new limited-time item on its Subway menu – the Subway Meat Stack Sub!

The all-new Meat Stack Sub has a whole lot of meat between crunchy veggies and bread of your choice. Whether you’re craving for an early morning warm up or a bit of lunchtime indulgence, Subway’s new stacked-up sub is here to fuel your meatiest cravings ever.

The limited edition Subway Meat Stack Sub will be available from 30 September 2023 till 5 January 2023 at all Subway outlets.

Check out our coverage on the new Subway Meat Stack Sub for full details.

subway meat sub singapore 2

Subway Menu Highlight: Cold Cut Trio Sandwich
Subway Online Delivery : Sandwiches

Cold Cut Trio is a Subway tradition. Experience sliced turkey bologna, turkey ham and turkey salami with your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments served on freshly baked bread.

This is a recommended choice for those looking to grab a quick grab without breaking your wallet. We like the combination of sweet onion and mayonnaise sauce with the cold cut trio sandwich.

Subway Menu Highlight: Meatball Marinara Sandwich
Product Image


Comes with a generous helping of Italian-style meatballs bathed in our own tangy tomato marinara sauce (our founder’s mom’s secret recipe) served hot with your choice of fresh vegetables and condiments on freshly baked bread. Mangia!

If you like the meatballs from Ikea, this meatball marinara sandwich from Subway will not disappoint you. The sandwich is flavourful on its own, so you can cut down on the sauces to save your calories.

Subway Menu Highlight: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie
Product Image

As delicious as their sandwiches are, they are even better when paired with the perfect side and drink or even adding a little something extra. Their timeless, classic chocolate chip cookie was picked as the winner of the Cookie Poll in 2019.

Best Party Food Delivery Services

If you prefer a nuttier version, you might want to try their white chip macadamia nut cookie, which is a personal favourite of our editor. It is not too sweet, yet bursting with the flavour of macadamia.

Subway Menu Full Compilation
Below is our compiled list of Subway Singapore Menu for [2023]! We aim to constantly update this list to ensure the most up-to-date menu on this page for our readers!


Available in both Chicken and Beef, Subway’s Mala subs pair perfectly with the new
Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai, bringing fiery freshness to Singaporeans.

SINGAPORE, 1 FEBRUARY 2023: Subway Singapore is turning up the heat with its all-new
Mala Chicken and Beef sub. Well loved across Singapore, this heated and numbing delight
will be available in participating Subway restaurants islandwide from 1 February to 28 March.
The new subs are paired with the newly launched Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai – a less
sugar remake of Subway’s signature chocolate chip cookie.
Originally a part of local cuisine in China’s Sichuan province, Mala flavours have found great
popularity in Singapore. While Mala seasoning is most commonly added to stir frys, the
unique pairing of Subway’s fresh ingredients and Mala flavours brings forth a delightfully
spicy treat that sets endorphins running without the extra calories.
Now available as a sub, salad or wrap, the delectable and numbing sensation of Mala is best
paired with lettuce, cucumber and red onion. You can also get creative and make it your own
with the wide variety of vegetables and sauces available.


Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai is the brand’s answer to ardent cookie fans who
have been asking for a cookie that combines the same iconic taste with less sugar. This
all-new cookie keeps the flavour and indulgence of the original Chocolate Chip Cookie, while
having it less sweet.
“At Subway, we pride ourselves on innovations that offer more fresh yet hearty choices for our
guests. As such, we wanted to introduce an option that is close to the hearts of Singaporeans.
Packed with flavour, the Mala sub has undergone intensive taste tests to tweak its suitability
for the Singaporean palate. Coupled with the less sweet version of our popular Chocolate
Chip Cookie, we are excited to continue showcasing craveable food options and unique
experiences for our guests in 2023,” said Samad Mohd Shariff, Country Director, Subway,
South East Asia.
Available in both Chicken and Beef, the Mala sub and the brand-new Chocolate Chip Cookie
Siew Dai will be available at participating Subway Singapore restaurants and across delivery
platforms GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo from 1 February 2023. Prices are as listed:
● Mala Chicken sub starts from $8.50 for a 6-inch and $13.50 for a footlong
● Mala Beef sub starts from $8.90 for a 6-inch and $13.90 for a footlong
● Chocolate Chip Cookie Siew Dai starts from $1.70

What is the most popular menu in subway?

Best Subway Sandwiches Roast Beef. Veggie Delite. Spicy Italian. Turkey Breast. Black Forest Ham. Buffalo Chicken. Sweet Onion Teriyaki. Cold Cut Combo.

What is the best meal in subway?

Any of these options are sure to satisfy, but some are better than others. See where your fave ranks and whether you agree with the one we’ve deemed the best Subway sandwich. …  Spicy Italian. Supreme Meats,Italian B.M.T,Mozza Meat,Subway Club,Meatball Marinara,Tuna. …  Roast Beef.

What can you get for $5 at Subway?

In 2008, Subway introduced a tantalizing deal: For just $5, one could purchase any “footlong” (12-inch) sandwich. The promotion was a smash hit with cash-strapped customers during the recession — and its jingle (“five-, five-, five-dollar footlong…”) became the company’s calling card.

How much is a 6 inch Subway club sandwich?

$6.29  Subway is a fast-food restaurant that primarily sells sub sandwiches and salads. Because of that, they are generally considered to be one of the healthier choices when it comes to fast food. … Subway Menu Prices (Updated: November 2023) Food Size Price Roast Beef Footlong $9.49 Roast Beef Six Inch $6.29 Subway Club Footlong $9.49 Subway Club Six Inch $6.29

Which Subway meat is healthiest?

Here’s a list of the healthiest Subway sandwiches that don’t skimp on flavor. Oven Roast Chicken. …  Rotisserie Style Chicken. …  Black Forest Ham. …  Subway Club. …  Roast Beef. …  Carved Turkey* …  Egg and cheese. …  Turkey Breast.

Whats the best bread in Subway?

Subway Bread is Delicious and Nutritious!    However, the 9-grain honey oat, Italian white bread, and 9-grain wheat bread are the three healthiest choices. They’re tasty, too, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Is Subway healthy for dinner?

Well, the subway is not very healthy for weight loss, but you can eat it as your cheat meal. Also, as subway serves everything as per your choice, you can, however, choose to make it healthy with fewer calories and fat or amongst their Fresh Fit Menu.

Does Subway still do $5 Footlongs in 2023?

The days of Subway’s nationwide $5 footlong deal are long gone, but the chain is launching its first sandwich subscription that will cut prices in half for September.

What is the subway club called now?

The All-American Club is closer to a classic Subway sandwich than some of the others. It features oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest Ham, bacon and American cheese topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and mayo.

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