Are you looking for Toast Box Menu Singapore? Then you are at your destination as we will guide you through Toast Box Menu Singapore 2023 with its latest prices taken directly from trustable online sources as well as through updated toast box menu in April 2023. Read this article carefully to get full inside about Toast Box Menu Singapore.

List of Toast Box Halal Menu 2023 Singapore with Prices 

Here is the complete Toast Box menu Singapore with current price tags:


Curry Chicken with RiceS$ 7.90
Ham & Cheese Sandwich Setfrom S$ 8.70
LaksaS$ 7.20
Mee RebusS$ 6.70
Curry Chicken with Rice Setfrom S$ 12.80
Drumstick Braised Pork RiceS$ 10.50


I tried their popular Mala Crisps, which were spicy and crispy, and came in at just S$12.80. For a heartier meal, the Bak Kwa Fried Rice was a standout dish, with a generous serving size at only S$7.50. If you’re feeling indulgent, the Bak Kwa Fried Rice Set with Cake is a great option for just S$12.50. Their Bak Kwa Ong Lai Toast was a great snack and an even better value at only S$5.90, and the set is a fantastic deal at S$8.50. If you’re looking to save, their 15% Off Set B Bundle is a great option for S$22.95 and Set A Bundle is a fantastic value at S$26.80. Don’t forget to try their delicious Golden Yam Cake, which is a sweet ending to any meal for only S$4.40 or the Golden Yam Cake Set for S$7.

Mala CrispsS$ 12.80
Bak Kwa Fried RiceS$ 7.50
Bak Kwa Fried Rice Set With CakeS$ 12.50
Bak Kwa Ong Lai ToastS$ 5.90
Bak Kwa Ong Lai Toast SetS$ 8.50
15% Off Set B BundleS$ 22.95
15% Off Set A BundleS$ 26.80
Golden Yam CakeS$ 4.40
Golden Yam Cake SetS$ 7

Bundle Deals

2 Asian Delights Set + 2 Banana Cake Bundlefrom S$ 24
2 Ham and Cheese Sandwich + 2 Traditional Kaya ToastS$ 22.80
2 Ham & Cheese Sandwich Set + 2 SidesS$ 17.30
2 Traditional Toast + 2 SidesS$ 14.80
2 Asian Delights Set + 1 Ham & Cheese Sandwich Bundlefrom S$ 21.70

Traditional / Thick Toast

From the classic butter toast for only S$ 2.30 to the more unique peanut thick toast for S$ 2.80, the menu is full of delicious options. The traditional kaya and peanut toasts are also a great choice starting from S$ 2.30. For those looking for something a little more substantial, the thick toasts like the floss thick toast for S$ 2.50 or the multigrain kaya thick toast for S$ 2.70 are sure to hit the spot. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet like the butter sugar thick toast for S$ 2.30 or something savory like the multigrain peanut thick toast for S$ 2.80, Toast Box Menu Singapore has you covered.

Traditional Butter Toastfrom S$ 2.30
Traditional Kaya Toastfrom S$ 2.30
Traditional Peanut Toastfrom S$ 2.30
Traditional Butter Sugar Toastfrom S$ 2.30
Multigrain Traditional Kaya ToastS$ 2.60
Multigrain Traditional Peanut ToastS$ 2.60
Multigrain Traditional Butter ToastS$ 2.60
Multigrain Traditional Butter Sugar ToastS$ 2.60
Kaya Thick Toastfrom S$ 2.40
Peanut Butter Thick Toastfrom S$ 2.40
Floss Thick Toastfrom S$ 2.50
Butter Thick Toastfrom S$ 2.30
Butter Sugar Thick Toastfrom S$ 2.30
Multigrain Kaya Thick ToastS$ 2.70
Multigrain Floss Thick ToastS$ 2.80
Multigrain Peanut Thick ToastS$ 2.80
Multigrain Butter Sugar Thick ToastS$ 2.60
Multigrain Butter Thick ToastS$ 2.60
Traditional / Thick Toast


Ham & Cheese Sandwich Setfrom S$ 8.70
Chilli Tuna & Egg Sandwich SetS$ 11.30
Multigrain Ham & Cheese SetS$ 9.30
Ham & Cheese SandwichS$ 3.70
Chilli Tuna & Egg SandwichS$ 6.30

Asian Delights

I started off with their Mee Tai Bak Soup for S$ 6.70 and it was a perfect balance of spices and flavors. For my main dish, I tried their Curry Chicken with Rice for S$ 7.90 and it was definitely a hit. The Laksa for S$ 7.20 was also a great option with its perfect balance of spicy and sweet flavors. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more hearty, I highly recommend the Drumstick Braised Pork Rice for S$ 10.50. And if you’re looking for something a bit different, their Mee Rebus for S$ 6.70 is a must-try.

Mee Tai Bak SoupS$ 6.70
Curry Chicken with RiceS$ 7.90
LaksaS$ 7.20
Drumstick Braised Pork RiceS$ 10.50
Mee RebusS$ 6.70
NEW Curry Chicken NoodleS$ 7.90
Asian Delights

Asian Delight Sets

Mee Rebus Setfrom S$ 11.60
Curry Chicken with Rice Setfrom S$ 12.80
Laksa Setfrom S$ 12.10
Mee Tai Bak Soup Setfrom S$ 11.60
Drumstick Braised Pork Rice Setfrom S$ 15.40
NEW Curry Chicken Noodle Setfrom S$ 12.65

Cakes, Pastries And Dessert

I was recently impressed by their new Coconut + Kopi Jellies, available for only S$ 1.50 each. The Honey Cake is also a must-try, with a whole cake priced at S$ 12.40. If you’re looking for something savory, the Salty Tau Sar Piah and Sweet Tau Sar Piah each cost S$ 2.40 for one piece. The Pandan Chiffon Cake and Honey Cake are both priced at S$ 2.30, while the Banana Cake costs S$ 2.40. The Kopi Gao Gao Roll is available for S$ 2.60 for one piece, and a set of 2 Swiss Rolls and one Large Beverage is only S$ 7.40.

NEW Coconut + Kopi Jelliesfrom S$ 1.50
Honey Cake (Whole)S$ 12.40
Salty Tau Sar Piah (1 Pc)S$ 2.40
Sweet Tau Sar Piah (1 Pc)S$ 2.40
Pandan Chiffon CakeS$ 2.30
Honey CakeS$ 2.30
Banana CakeS$ 2.40
Kopi Gao Gao Roll (1 Pc)S$ 2.60
2 Swiss Rolls + 1 Large BeverageS$ 7.40
Pandan Kaya Roll (4Pc)S$ 10.40
Kopi Gao Gao Roll (4 Pc)S$ 10.40
Pandan Kaya RollS$ 2.60
Cakes, Pastries And Dessert

Large Hot Beverages

Kopi OS$ 3.30
Kopi CS$ 3.40
KopiS$ 3.40
Teh OS$ 3.30
Teh CS$ 3.40
TehS$ 3.40
Yuan YangS$ 3.50
MiloS$ 3.50
Lemon TeaS$ 3.50
Honey LemonS$ 3.50
Homemade BarleyS$ 3
Homemade Barley with LemonS$ 3.90

Large Cold Beverages

Iced Kopi OS$ 3.40
Iced Kopi CS$ 3.40
Iced KopiS$ 3.40
Iced Teh OS$ 3.40
Iced Teh CS$ 3.40
Iced TehS$ 3.40
Iced Yuan YangS$ 3.50
Iced MiloS$ 3.50
Iced Lemon TeaS$ 3.50
Iced Honey LemonS$ 3.90
Iced Homemade BarleyS$ 3
Iced Homemade Barley with LemonS$ 3.90
Iced Milo DinosaurS$ 4.30
Iced Kopi MelakaS$ 4.30
Iced Teh MelakaS$ 4.30


Toast Box Asian Delight PasteS$ 6.60
Toast Box Hainanese Kaya (Bottle)S$ 6.30
Toast Box Peanut Butter (Bottle)S$ 7.10
Toast Box Coffee PowderS$ 10.80
Toast Box 2in1 Kopi SachetS$ 6.60
Toast Box 2in1 Kopi O SachetS$ 6.60
Toast Box Kopi O Kosong SachetS$ 6.60
Sweet Spicy Belacan Chili SauceS$ 8.20
Shrimp Sambal SauceS$ 6.90
Nasi Lemak Sambal Chili SauceS$ 6.90
Toast Box Menu Singapore
Toast Box Menu Singapore

How many branches does Master Buffalo have in Singapore?

There are a total of 79 Toast Box outlets in Singapore, great places for enjoy coffee & toast, including two locations within [email protected] mall (B2 & L5, 313 Orchard Road). Established in 2005 and owned & managed by BreadTalk Group, the brand is one of the most popular coffee & toast cafe chains in Singapore.

Is Toast Box only in Singapore?

In addition to preserving the taste of Nanyang at home, Toast Box is now also brewing in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, and Chinese-Taipei, sharing the delightful experience beyond our shores.

Where is toast box from?


Established in October 2005, Toast Box is a Singaporean contemporary coffee chain rooted in the recreation of Nanyang coffee and toast culture popular during the 1960s and 70s.

What is toast box famous for?

Nanyang Coffee

Established in October 2005, Toast Box is Singapore’s iconic contemporary-styled coffee chain recreated to preserve the culture of Nanyang Coffee and Toast served in coffee shops during the 60s and 70s.

Is toast box halal in Singapore?

toast box is not halal-certified.

Who owns Toast Box?

BreadTalk Group

BreadTalk Group operates the Toast Box concept, serving mainly coffee and kaya toast among other more modern snacks. These Toast Box outlets are typically attached to the main BreadTalk outlet or in a Food Republic food court.

Toast Box Menu Singapore 

Toast Box is a very famous Singaporean Coffee chain. Toast Box was first established in Singapore in October, 2005. The Toast Box Menu is deeply rooted in Nanyang coffee and toast culture popular in the 1960s and 70s. When you step inside the toast box you will be greeted by the fragrance of coffee made from freshly-ground caramelized coffee beans, complemented by a menu of familiar home favorites. The enticing aroma of brewed coffee and flavourful local delights infuse the vibrancy of life into every store, bringing people together to share in the nostalgic taste of a bygone era. Toast Box coffee takes the consumer to a past era and feels like he’s living in the classical period. Toast Box Menu has many awesome deals, family Bundles, Baked delights, hot and cold Beverages, traditional toasts and many sets of sandwiches.

Toast Box Menu Singapore

Toast Box Halal Updated Menu [thisMonth] 2023 

Toast Box Singapore has gained fan following because it keeps updating its menu with modern food items. In this way, Toast Box is able to satisfy customers of all tastes. Toast Box Menu

offers many food items including various varieties of Toasts, hot and cold Beverages, Delights, cakes and pastries etc. Here are some worth mentioning food items from updated Toast Box Menu 2023: 

Toast Box Braised Pork Rice with Drumstick 

Toast Box Braised Pork rice with Drumstick is one of the famous items on their menu. It features a satisfying bowl of braised pork and rice combined with a crispy chicken drumstick. 

If you Love “Lor Bak” then we highly recommend this food item to taste. 

Toast Box Curry Chicken Rice 

Toast Box Curry Chicken Rice is another Singaporean’s favorite food item on Toast Box Sg Menu. A lot of people put this food item on their menu to make their meal more delicious. 

Curry Chicken Rice Chicken is well cooked with a delicious sweet taste. The Curry is complemented with enough potatoes, to make each bite tasty. It is not too spicy. 

About Toast Box 

Toast Box is a Singaporean coffee chain established in 2005 with a sole purpose of taking back its customers to the era of 1960s. Toast Box cafes are designed in such a way that they give an aesthetic look of the classical era. Besides awesome coffees, the Toast Box menu also includes a lot of goods. Whoever visits any of the Toast Box locations, he/she gives positive reviews 

Toast Box Menu Singapore

about service as well as about the quality of food. Their signature menus include Peanut Butter Thick Toast, Traditional Kaya Toast and many other items. Toast box has opened its branches in many other major cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Jakarta, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur etc. If you want further details about Toast Box menu Singapore, please do visit their official website and also follow them on social media: 

Instagram (@toastboxsg) 

Facebook (Toast Box Singapore) 

Toast Box Singapore Locations 

Toast Box is undeniably one of the biggest food chains in Singapore. That’s the reason that it has more than 70 outlets across Singapore. Here is the list of available locations of Toast Box cafes and their working hours details: 

Toast Box café chain has more than 70 outlets in Singapore. Here is the list of all Toast Box Outlets in Singapore:

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