Yomie’s Rice restaurant in Singapore, wants to know Latest Yomie’s Rice Menu 2023 with prices. They have an array of delicious and inspiring options that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day. With such a huge selection of dishes at Yomie’s Rice Singapore Menu, how do you know what to order? Don’t worry—they’ve got you covered. They’ve broken down their menu into sections based on your mood: Whether you’re looking for something light or something thick and hearty, they’ve got what you need.

Yomie’s Rice wanted to share its passion with you and create an environment where you could relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and those you love. When you’re looking for a casual evening with friends, or a delicious meal to take home, Yomie’s Rice Singapore is the place to be. One of the best things about this Yomie’s Rice SG is that it is open from morning till late at night, so you can visit them anytime during the day or night if you want to have some good food cooked by professional chefs who know how to prepare delicious dishes using fresh ingredients.

Yomie’s Rice Menu 2023 With Prices List

Below you will find the latest Lists of Yomie’s Rice Menu 2023 Singapore with prices Updated In [this month]. Yomie’s Rice Menu & prices are sourced directly from Yomie’s Rice Singapore outlets.


F06. Straw to My BerryS$ 6.60
G08. Red Bean Purple Rice YogurtS$ 6
F02. AvosS$ 7.20
F03. Melon MelonS$ 6.60
F01. Passionate from Miles AwayS$ 6.60

Yomie Rice Yogurt Smoothies

I recently tried their Yomie Purple Rice Yogurt and Yomie Oats Yogurt, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. Both drinks were packed with flavor and were the perfect balance of sweet and tart. The purple rice added a unique texture to the drink, while the oats provided a subtle nutty taste. At just S$ 5.60 per drink, they are also reasonably priced.

Y01. Yomie Purple Rice YogurtS$ 5.60
Y02. Yomie Oats YogurtS$ 5.60
Yomie Rice Yogurt Smoothies

Fresh Premium Milk

M01. Pumpkin Harvest MilkS$ 5.90
M02. Jujube MilkS$ 6.40
M03. Red Bean Oats MilkS$ 5.90

Energy Grains Yogurt Smoothies

Their menu features a variety of unique flavors that are sure to please your taste buds. The Pure Jujube Yogurt is a personal favorite, with its sweet and tangy flavor. If you’re looking for something more filling, try the Jujube Purple Rice Yogurt or Jujube Oats Yogurt. For those with a sweet tooth, the Miss Haw Yogurt is a must-try, while the Red Bean Yogurt options offer a delicious twist on a classic flavor.

G01. Pure Jujube YogurtS$ 5.60
G02. Jujube Purple Rice YogurtS$ 6
G03. Jujube Oats YogurtS$ 6
G04. Miss Haw YogurtS$ 5.60
G05. Haw Purple Rice YogurtS$ 6
G06. Haw Oats YogurtS$ 6
G07. Pure Red Bean YogurtS$ 5.60
G08. Red Bean Purple Rice YogurtS$ 6
G09. Red Bean Oats YogurtS$ 6
Energy Grains Yogurt Smoothies

Fresh Fruit Yogurt Smoothies

F01. Passionate from Miles AwayS$ 6.60
F02. AvosS$ 7.20
F03. Melon MelonS$ 6.60
F04. Rock that Melon in the AvosS$ 7.20
F06. Straw to My BerryS$ 6.60
Yomie’s Rice Menu Singapore
Yomie’s Rice Menu Singapore 2023

Is Yomie rice yogurt healthy?

All of the drinks that Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt offers incorporate fresh, healthy, and nutritious fruits and grains, proving that being healthy can be both easy and delicious. You can even modify the sugar level to suit your tastebuds best. Make Yomie a part of your lifestyle today!

Which Yomie yogurt is the best?

Let us share with you the top 3 most popular drinks that you must try at Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt!
#1 Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt.
#2: Yomie’s Merry Mango.
#3 Yomie’s Avos.
Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt @ The Palette by Platinum Victory, Setapak.

What country is Yomie yogurt from?

Sydney, Australia

Originating from Sydney, Australia, Yomie’s Purple Rice x Yogurt is one of the first purple-rice yogurt specialty brands to go global with more than 100 outlets worldwide, selling more than 10,000 cups of its signature Purple Rice Yogurt daily.

What is Yomie’s rice yogurt?

Originating from Australia, Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt is one of the leading yogurt shop brands in Asia. Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt has won the hearts of many across Asia with healthy yet tasty yogurt drinks.

What is the healthiest yogurt in the world?

Greek yogurt is generally considered the most nutritious option when it comes to yogurts. Due to the way it is made, it is naturally higher in protein, which makes it a great addition to breakfast, leaving you feeling satisfied throughout the morning.

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Christopher Tan Author at sushidelivery.sg

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